Saturday, December 29, 2012

Speechless hearts

Deep within the ways I love you

lies a valley, 

where my wandering footsteps 

find no boundaries.


Hands held in hands

Drift amongst the pearls

Silent in emotion

I know you are mine


You are not my world, 

Am I yours?

Speechless be our hearts

Same sun, different moons.


The air we breathe 

Tasting of honeysuckle

Embedded on a memory

On a lifetime of love

A colab with Neva Flores and Aidz

Friday, December 28, 2012

Paper dragons

Paper dragons

Try to run away

Hear them 



In the silver



All your dreams

Store them 

In your pockets

Never let

The colours drain


Simple things

Make you smile


Simple things

Allow you to cry



Close your eyes

Allow the shadows

Lengthen creep

Close your eyes

Time to sleep


In silence I kiss the muse

Kiss me with silent words

Swirling the space between

Drink silence silvered

The look on your face, Serenity


Words in ink upon a wrist

A meaning known to you

Lipstick black in Honesty

Keyed in lace upon your neck


Secrets scream in liquid voice

Heard lonely upon your ears

Sincerely touch a single breath

Stolen life in death



Friday, December 21, 2012

Taken innocence

In blackened days the muse tests my faith

“If I reach up n stand on tippy toes

I can almost touch the stars”


“If I stand really still

The flutterby will land on me”


Sweet innocence and wonder

Soon will change

Impurity grows upon the stage

Silver dollar for every smile made

Amidst the scurry of darkened souls 

Soon crawl inside her skin

Needles have done so before

Replaced by the lace and cigarettes

And the thousand silent smiles

Leeching lurid in the sin

Limited by the crazy 

Living inside this mind

Confession of living lonely

Escape the mouths of babes

Yet nothing will escape

This life that is made

Of whiskey and broken dreams

Nights laid waste

Of days unremembered

All because


You took my innocence

Saturday, December 15, 2012

A single kiss in black reprise

The muse blesses me in the rain

I cannot feed
I cannot weep
My pleasure comes 
From the tip
Of a rusty blade
A single kiss in black


I taste of the addiction sweet

Senses alert for loose souls I lick air, taste


Set sail on seas looking for a heart blessed in ruby

Tattoo’d wings drift aimlessly lifting hope beyond


Touch life as I touch my skin

A single sin blesses me


In tomorrows heartbeat I can count again

Suicide disbelievers coated on an angels wing


Inject silver nitrate into my breath and veins

Coloured in mending tearing nails from blackened eyes


I wish you where here now to kiss the sunset with me

In the pit of my stomach I fear goodbyes


Lay me to rest on the bosom of a gypsies gasp

Till I can feel again


Taste the skin from the rust

Life let it slip


A single kiss in black

Friday, December 7, 2012

I cannot feed
I cannot weep
My pleasure comes 
From the tip
Of a rusty blade
A single kiss in black

Thursday, December 6, 2012

A single kiss in black refrain

In ink the muse is satiated 

I cannot feed
I cannot weep
My pleasure comes 
From the tip
Of a rusty blade
A single kiss in black

A purposeful flick of a damp cigarette

Ash fall scatters the inconsiderate souls


Seminally lick at the torn blisters on the soles of my feet

In the hope that one returns from grace


An indignant guise from a lifetime ago

I wear my love like a costume mirrored in shards


Several feathers remind 

Less than console


The rain cannot wash the skin away

Cut with a rusty blade 


Dream in like refractions until the sun goes down

Bury my soul in the palms of my hands as it begins again


Split tongue glides venus’s mound

Erotic pleasures distill the black in favour of different hue


Kiss sweet engourge this flesh

Tendrils of sin enshroud this heart torn in two


So it begins 

A life less than deserved I take your life as my own


A single kiss in black

Saturday, December 1, 2012

A single kiss in black

A memory leaves the muse in ink

I cannot feed
I cannot weep
My pleasure comes 
From the tip
Of a rusty blade
A single kiss in black

How do you talk when the radios gone

And the blue clouds send down the rain


I drag my feet on the mud soaked road

And tell myself I find a halo strange


Drenched in souls I step ahead 

Draw a wintery breath


Encased in sorrows

Massacred tears an only regret


Severed wings leave a stain marked in blood

This my life I give for you and pass on heavens bless


Colour me in life on canvas drawn in crystalline hue

Slivered in a rusty blade I draw my skin for you


Several lifetimes cease to be

A smile draws a heart in two


I cannot let you begin again

So I take your life


A single kiss in black

Dream of tomorrow

In the muse I suffer 

Close a silent door on a life that is lived

Live this love in a groove state

Marry solitude to belonging 

Selfless images caress the view


Blackness of ink settles on a new scribe

Dust softly blows sentiments of morrow

Round and round fingers entwine

Sparkle in fluid motion capture your eye


Marred in shadows cursed in blessings

Silver tongue reapers ply a trade

Exotic masquerades dance on the wing

As I rest and think on tomorrows beginnings

Saturday, November 24, 2012


The muse suffers alone whilst I listen in the wind

Resting in the drift and flow of a thousand suns

Bask in the shine of a cerebral thought 

Until two become one and divide by the night from day


Rest your head on my chest and breath a while 

Lengthen the rust stains of life brushed on a pure white canvas

Walk between respect and trust as the demons bay in your thoughts 


Deceit drips in dozens

Ambiguity colours self control


Before the storm comes

Rains will wash this skin 


In kisses of vermillion ink


Walk in my dreams

Another taste of you


Generously savor this skin






Platted in your hair

Silken threads of gold

Glisten till yesterday comes

Silver tears congeal in the dust

Staining the earth red


Between the crevices a solitary heartbeat rests

Found only by those who bleed the same as you

Distant though my heartbeat beats sliced on treason


Uncomfortable when you gaze upon a clear day

Anxious at the premise that presents itself in these shadows

Apprehensive at the meeting when lovers cross the dimensions


Restless I begin 

Restless I end

Restless I cut this skin deep

Restless I lick this rusty blade

Restless I slice this tongue in obscure patterns

Restless in the blood I bleed for you





Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I can chase the muse yet I can never hold her

Heal the warmth from a caressing sun as shadows pass by this window

Close heavy eyelids that contemplate life drifting on the song

Deep breath drawn then exhaled slowly for affect lest it wake the demons


Have you ever drifted on a song ?

Clouded in grays 

A heartbeat solitary in the breeze

Rested in the forevermore?


To far you have wandered without the rhythm to accompany a lonely path

Footfall raises dust like the soulless leave nothing of their passing in the wind

Its a lot to look back on when I must find my soul held in the crimson palm of a lonely hand


Have you ever just rested?

Hidden by the shadows

Listened to a solitary heartbeat

Forever in this time?


This I know has woven intricate patterns on the walls in blood of me

I begin to understand the choices I have made make me who I am in masks of uneven men

Regret the decisions held in the hands of others though I have the final say


Have you ever?


Just listened...

To the choices you made

Sadly in gray

Thursday, November 15, 2012

in forever

I miss the muse as I miss my heartbeat

Frangipani scent on the shadow of a butterflies heartbeat

Sends the glisten on a bejeweled star to kiss a wind


Listen as we drift on the crystalline seas of azure memories

And breathe of supple colour in a slightly mysterious hue


Send me the gypsy silhouette of your desires

Tempted in sweet harmonies of a rain cascading in mellow driftings


Gaze into eyes that hold forever in a depth of a thousand lifetimes

And sing to me in whispers of golds silken glow


Hearts coated in ruby and silver shimmer in the mirrored light

Scattering shards lifted in kaleidoscopic imaginings







Your eyes




As I hold



In forever

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Walk this walk alone

I soothe the muse, be still sweet muse

Suckle gently from womanly teat

As white fades softly into black


Jewels that are faceted on far horizons

Belie the quality in Jade eyes


A simple pleasure less regret

Alluring as summers sweet breath


Taste of love

Taste of lust

Sing of these sweet lips


Take the time

To savor


Quest the taste

Parts on a subtle drift


I must have been walking alone

Lift in the mirrors and song


Pictures that have no face

I wont remember


Tranquil the noise that emanates

There is no road to cast a stone


You were looking for a way out

I cannot let you walk alone

As I

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Exorcise these emotions

Slice a silvered wrist

Ha this blade is rusty now


This scar

Elongated with time

Bares your name


This blood seeps from calloused wound

Does not run true


This blood that seeps from a wound within

Is not the right hue


Travelled in time 

Remembered in skin

Dilated pupils capture the light

This blood runs raven black


Clouded in horizons choice

Litters seldom viewed

Partake of natures flesh

Chosen from a vines ripened treasure


This blood it colours in stains of remembrance

A simple memory


This blood recalls a varied footfall

Holds a palm out for you


Celebrate with blood red wine

Drink of the harvest blessed

Yet this blade still sings for you


it sings

it sings

it sings

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Stealing Memories

Sweet Muse hold this heart

Staring into the sun 

My heart still seems cold

I told you to be patient

Told you you’d be mine


Listening to a different path

Circles covered in stone

Come and feel the wind

Soothing the demons inside a dream


Lest this secret remain

We hold out breath

Hold hands

As the dragonflies sing


Could it be 

As we imagined

Painted on skin

Lost in this place


A dozen souls cry black in the light

Let my breath be silent

Still your heartbeat lies cold

Stealing memories of you

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Amaranth Seduction

I share the muse a dream

Cut the blade


A pool of tears

To hide behind

To live or die


Lick me


The taste of fear

Taste in the ecstasy

Tease the blood

Amaranth seduction

Of a pleasing


Quicken the breath

Gasp in sweet

Drink cerise air

Smooth slithered edge

Of a love

Of a lust


Hold sharp in a palm

Jade whispers

In severed dreams

Of blood 

Of dust

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Unfinished swan

Left to begin the muse cries tears in Jade

Tears of shadowed past

Has never seen a view

A feather in black

Whispers from the unfinished swan

Sprawl a chalk mark 

Etched in haste on a sidewalk

Crooned in concrete and steel

Pierce a tongue in the quill of ink

A Jester blades your heart in Jade


Carve you I must 

Your name

In seeds of indigo

As I lick the nape of your neck

The beads

The beads of sweat

Glisten in the heartlight

As I carve 

Your name

While you and I dance

In the shadow of death


This gaze lingers

A moment to long

Captured by eyes of azure


Licked by the dragon

Absorbing the pearls

While the rasp of scales

Leaves scars on my soul


Finish me in a mask

Remnants of a deed left in haste

Carve your name in, Jade

The Jester cries at simple misgivings 

Retched blade encased in rust

Carve jade I must

Leave me to die


Unfinished swan

Friday, October 5, 2012

Wishing for a warmer day

I tell the muse I give everything to loose

gathered as dust 

lay the shadows 

resting listless on the ground

less living in the morning dawn

as streetlights retreat

for their work is done

and I walk 

these streets 


I promise 

I was a good man

as I shelter from the dew

pull my worn leather coat in tight

n glance at the demons

lingering off to my right

you cannot see them 

but I can

steady is the pace in footfall

as is the clink of my heels

watching the steam 


from my nose

chilling the nose ring

on each inhale

warmed on the ex

a mind that races on a thought of a thousand sins

shuddering at the blessing

of a dawn yet to be

as subtle hues of yesterday recede

and cower in the corners of a mind

as others see me

but pay no heed

only their fear of dying

crosses a wind

and settles on a true love

criss cross

I drift in the lemon scent


as the demon makes me uncomfortable

search for the tomorrow 

search for the heart

I left long ago

gathered in my own


gathered in my own

haunted dreams

I see naught of the chance

I need to survive

all that is 

all that was

is needed to be 


and I walk


exposing ashes

in my wake

from the wreckage

of nothing worth fighting for

and walk 

as I do

forever on a journey

and wishing for a warmer day

Saturday, September 29, 2012

drink me a cyanide moonbeam

If only the muse could see me cry in the rain

drink me a cyanide moonbeam

while I sit here in the rain

delicate as a heartbeat 

i watch you 

and listen 

and share the last of the light

i cry

a lonely journey


in the rain

i cry a lonely journey

of silver embrace

of pallid remembrance

of watching from a distance

and stripping the dreams of this madman

dampened in the rain that matters little

to the heart that feels 

less of the loneliness

of one that has come into a life

as I watch


and cry

but no-one sees


in this

that I write

for you

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Drink it in

How can I please you muse, with a tear?

You know its been said

I can hear a thousand angels cry

As I blink looking into the evening sun

Say the words I never say

Kiss me like its the end of days

Bleed me several tears of silver dew 


Let it warm my face 

Caress my cheek on its forever travel

Drip in sincere crystalline focus

While a blemish last an hour

And a cry last a million years

Turn and allow the chatter bring

Sweet smiles to the face of the crowds


Drink it in

As the brand new day begins

Friday, September 14, 2012


With a cherished heart I gift the muse

Can I find

My peace of mind

Laying with the dead


If I try

Appease the soul

Listening in the whispers


Drinking words

As they fall upon a stage

In slivers of silver

And colours of the sun

Dreams blend mischievously

Into one


I listened

I wept

I drowned in the solitude

Cut my skin to pieces again


I drink the rust

Let it slip

Encrusted in fragments of tone

Cuts deep

Scaring my skin


Let it bleed

Let me bleed free


My sin stains the earth

Covered in butterflies


I breathe again

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A long day yet to begin

Should I ask the muse, why?

I draw long on that first cigarette of the day

The one that gets you heady

An excuse that its needed as you spin on the top

Just an observation on the presence of meaning

I don’t need to run with the pack today

Much needed sip of coffee draws the caffeine in

Fires several deadened synapsis

Killed in the last line of war

Or that whiskey bottle that lies on the floor

Several breathes are taken to expel the taste of licking the floor

Its cold down here surrounded by walls

Sitting in the corner of this dark grey room


Remember those first cold days 

Living in memories breeze 

Scratch a barely stubbled chin 

Dismissed as an afterthought in the blink of an eye

Whats the promise when Im going to die

Hell we all are

Scattering several cockroaches matched by ash drops 

Leaving me in my misery

Stains on the ceiling traced out in a sickly tapestry of a world less believing

Hold me and come close lest I freeze

Stick my fingers in my ears and see if I can fly

But these feelings pass on a whim 

Fucked if I will let you in

Probably just burn as the others have

The ones that Ive let in close

Seriously I pause as I light another smoke

Taste the heat on the back of my throat

Who was the first that felt slipped in my sin

Did I ever know love like this

Married to the sky dusted in shades of rudimentary black

Passed in a time forgot staring inanely at the walls 

Hoping it would wipe a remembrance like the spider as it crawls up the wall

In the hope of  a quick easy feed

What the fuck is this stench that passes these nostrils

Drenched in my own fetid refuse 

For I fail to live everyday

I have forgotten

How to wake in the morn

I have forgotten how to talk to another man

My lips stitched shut to keep the pressure within

But fuck it all Im dead within

I need to brew me up some more caffeine

Friday, September 7, 2012

In the sun

I let the memory heal and the muse watches on

I wear your masked melancholia

Like a second veiled skin


Through the souls of serene eyes

Let them weep



I see tomorrow

Though this day was the last

To hear the dying angels cry

A thousand broken sunsets

Silent screams of mercy 

Shine like crimson in the sun

Cryptic feathers hide the dreams

While Im awake


A look sideways

Tells the truth

Of a heart filled with dreams of a youth

And eyes

Filled with tears

Tell the bitter tales

Of a life unlived

And unloved


Hand her back the innocence 

Silken sweetened twilight

Of a shattered emptiness

Of a passing to the place

She wished to leave

Fluttered from the leaf in the wind

Marked in forever

Sacred ink

Drifted in illusions


We speak with the same voice

But one does not listen

To the sun

As it speaks in the halo of the stars

Silver reflections hide the shadow of the dark


Can leave us wanting

For the yesterday 

When words were left unsaid


If I lived your life of make believe

Choices would fall on golden horizons

I have lived your life 

As you have lived mine

Shattering the mirrors

In shards of distrust

Leaving the promises

On the lips of the queen

Quilted in treasures of dust


Intertwine our waists

Let it permeate in who we are

As I


Drink from a melody

Writing softly spoken imaginings

In the sky

Never to allow one wrong word

To let it all come crashing down


Enjoy the one last time

For it cannot last forever

Savour this time


In the sun