Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Except the words

I rest as the muse watches on

Its still


The dust fairies swirl in the single bead of light

Escaping from the break in the blind

Allowing the outside world in

A slow deliberate movement of hand stirs the dust into swirls

As they travel as they do forever

Disappearing into the darkness

Then back into the light

Turbulent appears the air

But its still


Except for a steady breath

And a heartbeat

I appear to be alone

Surrounded by wings


Its June here

Winter again

A steady chill sparks the air I breathe

Icy yet unwarmed

Mingling with the dust 

A dance in duet

I can see my breath

The old to bar heater warms to nothing

Barely bringing warmth

Barely bringing light

Incandescent in a hum of red


The shadows

As they creep

Its still



Its still


Words mean nothing

Unformed syllables go unheard

Even the scratchings

Of pencil

On parchment

Unread in the darkness

Blurred with unseeing eyes

Stacked loosely in never-ending piles


Scattered pieces of unseen thought

Ramblings some said

Brilliance others


Except the words

Adrian AIDZ Giannini
© 2013 Adrian AIDZ Giannini

Friday, July 26, 2013

Im waiting for you

I breathe the muses breath

As my skin burns from the heat of the se7en suns

I forget myself as I seek solace in the cracks of time

Layered in blisters I forgive you and no one else

Severed hands reaching for forgiveness only touching myself

I lick sweet sweat from the nape of a tortured soul


Singularities laugh mockingly at the jester

Arms spread in Jesus like grace adorned in ink resplendent

In gods good grace I protect you from the lies adorned

Scribed into your eyes of crystalline jade from the tip of a quill dipped in acid

Salaciously searching of writes of a psalm yet discovered    


Shut up now


Say it

Say it



In another lifetime we sailed the seas

Lived life in each others memories burnished in hammered bronze

Never said goodbye till the moon touched the horizon

We have a secret that only the sun knows

Mingle our blood cut from a rusty blade kissed in black


Cut up lips bleed from the scratching of lies

You know there only words that destroy 

The same that soothe if you remember 

Allow yourself to breath in the toxicity, slowly

Simple things that feather the answer in lavender 


A time that I dreamt in blood

Lent pearls to the swine 

Succulent vengeance is yours if you wish’

Read the names of your birth on your fingers in ritual

Just think of letting go


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

In your shadow

I wish for the muse to be beside me

The several times I drifted
Into the serenity that surrounds
Halo'd as a simple glow
Dressed in alabaster 
I absorbed
And rested
Taking a moment to question
The thought stream 
Allowing me to belong
Without question and
Just a chance to belong is enough 
Isn't it?
I continue to believe
With little consequence
Except the lack of breath
And the lack of a heartbeat
Sustaining all of my being
And I continue to exist
In your shadow

Saturday, July 13, 2013

If I ever did

She lives she bleeds she is my muse

Looking through black satin eyes

Allowing the darkness to bleed

Vermillion seeds my vision

Warmth it glows on my sticky fingers


As I feel yesterday ebb away

I can finally see the light

Seven senses kissed on a dream to nowhere

I can only please myself


Soothing pain comforts cerebral thoughts

Holding back the veil

Lifting a rose to smell the fragrance

Erasing the stench that litters a bitter memory


My feet cut from the glass

That come up between the blades of grass

Ribbons of flesh decorate the walls

I don't hear the children play no more


I wonder if I ever did

Friday, July 5, 2013

running on broken glass

disturbed in my dreams the muse comforts me

there are times I know that I try

in between the telephone calls going unanswered

least I be heard in my moment of defragmented being

draw a long lingering breath on another cigarette

as the tip glows red reflecting in my retina

halo’d in a single pupil dilating in the infusion of light


the breeze that ruffles the smoke stained muslin curtains

without a care, as the sounds of children playing

chorus in through the opening - disturbing any thoughts of sanity

letting the demons out to play with the kiddies in the streets

clarity in moments like these are not my strong suit


shadows continue to dance uneven in time across the tattered wallpaper

faded in from the suns everglow marking the slow passage of time

highlighting the scratchings of well worn nails and a colour no longer crimson

in the eons I have shrunk into my corner to watch and listen

tense from the actions of others I gave up on giving a fuck long ago

settle into the silhouette and worry does it matter


the children carry on regardless running barefoot on the broken glass