Thursday, February 21, 2013

Let me

I show the muse my scars

Let me hesitate in the rain

Listen to the tears


Hidden in the shadows of liars

Let no one see my pain


Forever worn on broken skin

Seeking love on the bullet


Silence is precious in a sunset

Listen to the peace and love


Let me hesitate in the rain

From your arms a love is born


Rest the weary voices

Call them to break the spell


Reflect a past torn into your eyes

Lift a veil brought from struggle


Tragedy sung from a memory

Rort to repeat on a hazy breeze


Born beneath my skin

Precious a love rendering seven heartbeats


A pause is all I wish

Let me hesitate in the rain

Saturday, February 16, 2013

in another day

the muse hands me the blade

in this time that derives as hate

the silken pillows sweeten the harvest

time drifts on a memory

as sweet as it sounds

I loose my rhythm

and count




as silver shadows

hide my blind hate


lives under this skin


open palmed as the dust from yesterday




less than this


less than another

allow me the temperance



sweeten a day

sounds drift in my ear

as voices drown out 

n I kill

in another day

Saturday, February 9, 2013

In love I write your name

The muse hands me the rusty blade

Harness the sun

Sweep of a surreal pallet

Mixed colours of a sun blessed hue

Drink me the sky in a tapestry

Clouds jade serene

Hung by silken threads of silver dreams

Harmonies of birdsong


Resonating sonnets 

Hearts in shadows decorate the moon

A glint captured in time

Escapes the corner of an eye

I cut to live this life again

In love I write your name

Thursday, February 7, 2013

drift again

I whisper in the shadow of the muse

severed wings

silken dew

left to mourn


discarded remnants

litter memories

golden suns 


in peace


listen to begin


in breathe

pearl orbs




hearts aflame

with love


darkened iris

bends reflect