Saturday, November 24, 2012


The muse suffers alone whilst I listen in the wind

Resting in the drift and flow of a thousand suns

Bask in the shine of a cerebral thought 

Until two become one and divide by the night from day


Rest your head on my chest and breath a while 

Lengthen the rust stains of life brushed on a pure white canvas

Walk between respect and trust as the demons bay in your thoughts 


Deceit drips in dozens

Ambiguity colours self control


Before the storm comes

Rains will wash this skin 


In kisses of vermillion ink


Walk in my dreams

Another taste of you


Generously savor this skin






Platted in your hair

Silken threads of gold

Glisten till yesterday comes

Silver tears congeal in the dust

Staining the earth red


Between the crevices a solitary heartbeat rests

Found only by those who bleed the same as you

Distant though my heartbeat beats sliced on treason


Uncomfortable when you gaze upon a clear day

Anxious at the premise that presents itself in these shadows

Apprehensive at the meeting when lovers cross the dimensions


Restless I begin 

Restless I end

Restless I cut this skin deep

Restless I lick this rusty blade

Restless I slice this tongue in obscure patterns

Restless in the blood I bleed for you





Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I can chase the muse yet I can never hold her

Heal the warmth from a caressing sun as shadows pass by this window

Close heavy eyelids that contemplate life drifting on the song

Deep breath drawn then exhaled slowly for affect lest it wake the demons


Have you ever drifted on a song ?

Clouded in grays 

A heartbeat solitary in the breeze

Rested in the forevermore?


To far you have wandered without the rhythm to accompany a lonely path

Footfall raises dust like the soulless leave nothing of their passing in the wind

Its a lot to look back on when I must find my soul held in the crimson palm of a lonely hand


Have you ever just rested?

Hidden by the shadows

Listened to a solitary heartbeat

Forever in this time?


This I know has woven intricate patterns on the walls in blood of me

I begin to understand the choices I have made make me who I am in masks of uneven men

Regret the decisions held in the hands of others though I have the final say


Have you ever?


Just listened...

To the choices you made

Sadly in gray

Thursday, November 15, 2012

in forever

I miss the muse as I miss my heartbeat

Frangipani scent on the shadow of a butterflies heartbeat

Sends the glisten on a bejeweled star to kiss a wind


Listen as we drift on the crystalline seas of azure memories

And breathe of supple colour in a slightly mysterious hue


Send me the gypsy silhouette of your desires

Tempted in sweet harmonies of a rain cascading in mellow driftings


Gaze into eyes that hold forever in a depth of a thousand lifetimes

And sing to me in whispers of golds silken glow


Hearts coated in ruby and silver shimmer in the mirrored light

Scattering shards lifted in kaleidoscopic imaginings







Your eyes




As I hold



In forever