Sunday, October 27, 2013


no, the muse whispers as the sky falls
Allow peace to envelop
With the gift
Draw upon pureness
A heart gives love
In eyes seeking
Hopes that fade
Hopes that fade

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Friday 10.05am

Allow the muse to whisper


Kisses me lightly on the forehead

Tracing an indelible scar

Left from before this time began



A reminder of a peaceful time

Caressed by the wings of an angel in black

Tears welling in a forgiving eye



I forgive you my brother

My sister

For the wars have yet begun



Watching the slow flicker of a candle

Cast refractive suggestions

Into a severed mirror 



Listening to the forever

Clack clack

The rusted blades of a ceiling fan slicing the thin air


I had dreams

They left on a feather

Darkened by the shadows

Cast to the winds on my fetid breath

© 2013 Adrian AIDZ Giannini

Monday, October 21, 2013

Tuesday 7.05am

The muse watches over me

Its cold

With the blackness that shrouds me

I lack the glint of the stars


Its cold

Frost settles in whispers upon the mantle

Dust lifts as a frozen vapour


Its cold

Thoughts drift like the turning of pages in the breeze

Settling on the closing chapter


Its cold

Lacking focus I clasp the morning air

Seeking not knowing


Its cold

Spiders walk my spine

I cannot brush them away


Its cold

My reflection appears slowly

Masking the hollow shell


Its cold

Words freeze on a vipers tongue

Leaving their mark on the parchment


Its cold

Skin grotesque etched in acid

Lips purse to kiss the dark scent


Its cold

As time slows and grips my soul

Heavy eyes fall and a mind succumbs 



© 2013 Adrian AIDZ Giannini


Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday 6.59pm

I check the time while the muses sings in my ear


The obvious trick is to keep breathing

Darkness weighs as heavy as water Im submerged in

Im so tired 

I fidget as the passing vehicles splatter surreal lights over the walls

Appearing as spotlights hunting, forever hunting

Colours diffuse in various shades of luminescence

If I tried hard enough Im sure I could taste it 

The little bit of vision that remains

Holds steady on the unturning door handle

Scratched with decades of another’s using

Silently I watch

The roars of the outside world fails in their efforts to be heard

I know their there

Passing without believing 

Simpletons following false dreams

I hear their screams

Scatchings mark time on the walls

As does my name

I wrote that, when?

Time eludes all consciousness

Blending into parallels 

Until I drift into death again

© 2013 Adrian AIDZ Giannini




Friday, October 11, 2013


I weep as the muses passes into the light


I sit

Coated in psychedelic rivers

Streaming from wrists sliced with a rusty blade

I sit

Cross legged upon the floor

Smothered in dreams lost surrounded by colour photographs

I sit

Embracing the warmth harnessed from the lack of a sun

Allowing eyelids to hang heavy for a final time

I sit

Carrying a heart heavy with sin

Jaded by time cracked into featureless mirrors

I sit 

Allowing forgiveness to wash my soul

As a candle flickers in my pocket 

I sit

Feeding the roses tattoo’d on my arm as acid has its way

Licking at the flesh as it devours my yesterday

I sit

As I die and watch my children grow beside my grave

Masking a silent ritual of death with a wry smile

I sit

As the corners of the room fade away

Holding back a jade tear as I know death is near

I sit

And I wait

As I hold onto life

© 2013 Adrian AIDZ Giannini


Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I cannot save the muse as she saved me


Ive spent the days contemplating my final demise

Kissed the angels wings held heavy with the burden of my years

Allowing the walls to close in to greet me once again

This time I noticed a scribble in grey lead pencil

A name hurriedly scribed as if with some urgency to somewhere else

Gently tracing its contours with my index finger

Whilst my eyes adjust to the light that once was

Eyelids heavy with the panic of exhaustion

I silently mouth each letter as it forms demons emanating from the paintwork

Crackled to display the raw layers of my past

As my veins shift to accommodate a new intrusion

I spit the bile as it wells in my mouth

Taking time to deliberately form the words the letters traced reveal

In the name of my parents choosing

I say the name I was given

And fall into remission of the life I spent was my own

© 2013 Adrian AIDZ Giannini




Monday, October 7, 2013


Listening to the falling sands the muses reflection guides me

The clack clack of the overhead fan 

Is only drowned out by the cycling of the aircon 

Cooling a tepid body in need of reprise

Searching for solace as a mind screams in the colour blue

Smatterings of black shaded in darker shades of black

Smeared on the walls now

Clack clack

You shouldn't see me like this

A trembling hand reached for the light switch

Located next to the door as thousands

No millions 

Of fingerprint etched switches found elsewhere outside of this room

I seem to remember the sun as it peered from the cracks in the sky

It warmed Im sure

Fading as a memory given no love

This heart beats still a silent tattoo

Coursing acid through veins long since collapsed

Nails grotesquely curl uncut for millennia

Yesterday was only then 

Or was it a lifetime ago

I forget


© 2013 Adrian AIDZ Giannini