Saturday, May 17, 2014

Walk with me

Lived in the rain 
Hope scattered in the splash of a puddle
Reflected of the sky
Steady tattoo of sound
Pitter pat
Pitter pat
Heavy are the feet that walk the mud
Heavy is the heart that only sees ground
Afraid to lift their head
Afraid to see what I see
No beauty is seen in the dark
Eyes hide the glint of once that was
Eyes belie the truth of that will be
Pitter pat Pitter pat
In the palm of my hand I hold yours
Intertwined fingers clasp for anything
Allow me to be those eyes that see no more
Allow me to whisper a name in your ears
Unheard of since the rains began
I walk beside so you never walk alone
Pitter pat

Pitter pat

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tomorrow begins lonely

Silver trembles at thought of loneliness

Endured in the light of the new moon

Eyes cast to the heavens from lands away

Viewing the same stars in constellations unknown

And I kiss


Silken touches of skin electric

Tenderness devours eclectic rhythms born of sorrow

Words left unsaid feed the baying hounds

Confuse the jester now as a card is played

And I kiss


Layered in cashmere you hide to obscure

Kaleidoscopic distortions live the truth

Eyes give away reality to that left unsaid

Shrouded in protection giving way to seduction

And I kiss


In the realm of another place I see your reflection

As a single hand touches as words whisper unspoken

Reveal trust in the guise of forever

Reveal yesterdays torment as another scar of protection

And I kiss


Sail me through the wake in seas of a calm storm

Intolerable as the future guides nothingness 

Weening from the teet of a new day

Hidden in the illusion of self doubt

And I kiss


Dodging raindrops as they fall gold from the stars

Skin coloured alabaster glistening in the sun

I call nothing and whisper your name

A gypsy’s smile cast in a spell of love

And I kiss


In the last kiss goodbye

I linger a moment more

Holding your breath

Listening to the evermore

And I kiss

© 2014 Adrian AIDZ Giannini

Friday, May 2, 2014


Rust descends on us now
As flickering candlelight shows our many facets

Much maligned I rest on blended knee
Raising my head as it is guided by your hands

Eyes meet eyes exposing tortured souls
Each knowing the others past before word are spoken

The last of the moons crescent glimmers silver
Darkness exposing the fragility of our humanity 

The uneven rhythm of lapping waves match our heartbeat
Calming the demons that live beneath this, our skin

Each soul has met before on the fields of sunset
Painted hues of vermillion coating the sky as it once coated our hands

Yesterday ends as tomorrow begins
Both knowing that this dance lives in eternity