Sunday, April 29, 2012

Last sleep

The muse left long ago

The chills of winter bespoke the air

Simple dew settles early in the short fall eve

And a promise settles less so 


Age wearies and tests arthritic joints

These age’ed bones feel every creak

One’s not as young as the stallion no more


Born by not so much more than caustic wind

I sit and draw in the briskness

And severer a slither of grass to chew


Blurred by expectation sits the horizon

Crowned in golden glories of a sun yet set

Emblazoned on a memory that does not forget


Tepid brews of leafed matter infused

Fail to invigorate as once it did

As does each blurry dawn


Soon to arrive the night song

Sheathed in a petticoat of black

Unhurried retreat to the warmth of a solus abode


Seek refuge of the well worn chair

Sparks n embers crackle when jimmied with prod

Stirring the dance of the flame


Well warmed and heavy lids signal the drawing of day

If this was the last time we slept

I have a feeling, thats okay

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Silent contemplation

The muse hold my tongue 

Contemplating the breath that escapes

Fervent in essence of me

Expelled deep from within

Coloured in reverent hues

Captured in bottled acquiescence

Capped in braids of gilded heart


All but nothing exists in one

Inscribed on parchment

Quilled of a feather drawn

Elaborate scratching versed in words

Prose for the seminal few

Held in coloured stone


Exhaled slowly with purpose

Tasted on moistened tongue

Rich in texture of fallacies invalidated

Freshened on the chill of air

Fogged in a smoke like essence

Fading ethereal in dream state


Recognition of the regretful few

Will be seen without futures

Mirrored in the soles of my shoes

Painted in remembrance on the walls

Few words are chosen

When words are spoken by so few

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A sober heart

Exposed the muse never smiles

Shall I blacken my face with the soil of where I arose, rebirth’d in flames

Stains blemished in scars mirror the refraction you see in these eyes

And look you shall for it is not your reflection you seek in this self respect

We can feel it growing on our palms as roots snake from the souls of our feet

All the while I drink wine from your breast mouthing the cupped teat 

Seeking solace in the shadowed tomorrows as they roll silently from the grave

Silent in observation he looks upon wishing from the balcony

of the castle

of a sober heart

With a wish of a last kiss stumbled upon in the edge of time


Tattoo’d in inks of vermillion stained in acid upon the rains

I rise to my feet and shake the pain away unwrapped in a shimmer

Glance chanced in a minute of time unreadily knowing all that will be today

Passing the humanity as it leaves its residue whisked upon the insanity of a smoky saloon

Millenniums pass in the long lashed blink of a ravens caw

I think in plurals of three and drink to the breast that nurtured me


Scurried beasts lurk beneath my feet leaching paranoid delusions

Laughing from the corners of the room signalling the end of beginnings

Recurrent dreams signal a voodoo curse tipped from the drop of hat

We all dance in circles reminiscent of my lovers sitting on the bench

Crowded by the jaded and friends in the night

He looks on

Still sitting


from the castle

of a sober heart


I dream

I wish

with a sober heart

Friday, April 20, 2012


sheath the coloured roses

in a scabbard

of petulant wrappings

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Will you Pray for me?

The muse remembers what it means


Why shadow this heart in oblique desires

Encrusted in gilded silver

Let the rain ring down


Feathering the insane

In a coagulated future

Affirmation from the dreams

That were never spent

Never sent

While this madness barks

From beneath these blessed layers

Of tainted



Fragmented unfoldings dipped in translucent blues

Listening to the screams of those who want to die

I will paint these colours in a different hue

Sable haired promises

Clasped in the mouths that are dry

Tourniquets tighten around the truth

Whisper silence from the depths of a breath

Awaken my dear and look at tomorrow

Skinned in persimmon upon the cloud

Pray for the sinners

Pray for the black motorcade

Pray for the sins that Ive made

Live in this skin and tell me what its like to begin

Simple in sorrow

Porcelain pictures decorate my arms

A shadow crosses my vision


I begin to die

I lay and let the rain caress

Eyelids resting gently together


That the bridges Ive crossed

I burnt today

Sunday, April 8, 2012

And now it rains

I weave the muse a web


I find a single strand of cobweb

Entangling my heart

WIth a single silver spherical dew drop

Dancing in the haphazard


But failing

To dislodge itself

As you fail to dislodge


From my heart

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kiss death

Did the muse kiss me deadly




Lest the acid burns your mind

Intolerable pictures forming in the sleazy inslide of the deranged

Blessed sacraments

Spill chartreuse raindrops simmering in disrespect

While my breathe stinks

I hope to find

In the shadows

Widows weeping

Golden keys that open the blank pages before me

Not the questionable stares

Hollow of emotion

Seeking answers just the same

While your killing the dead

Does a hope remain

Gleamed in the shadows

Dripped in upon your blackened tongue

Singular in time

Tasting lost souls blemished upon my cheek

While the song remains

Seeking solace in the pristine

Drugs alone don't cut it anymore

Circles left behind

Scared in multitude of pleasuring

Could I hold my hands out and seek reprise

Open my eyes and see regret

See the first time we met

And when my love saw a shimmer

Did I kiss death