Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lost in forevers embrace

I alone with the muse can dance forever

Allow me to carry these dreams silently

Wrapped in tears 

Befallen from your jade eyes


Thoughts held in my heart

Tenderly caress

Any false hope that appeared lost


For all times I carried your pain

Dressed in latin upon a wrist

Kissed on the bliss of a harlequin moon


Forgive the Jester as he mocks

Laughter hides his darkness

Buried deep in a fragile mind


Dance as only two misjudged can

Lost in their silence

Lost in forevers embrace

© 2013 Adrian AIDZ Giannini


Friday, May 24, 2013

Have i?

Shelter me from the rain my muse

Touch the solace on my ever furrowed brow

Liquid the red rain tethers me to earth

Hangs languid while the last falls from oblique skies

Disappearing into the insipid blackness

Becoming hard to swallow bitterness upon my tongue

Less of the sweet coated in yesterdays words

Engraved cold upon marble monuments 

Silent sentinels for the dawn shadows

Intended for other dreams yet to be

Still the lingering doubt remains

Have a I loved you before I loved you into existence

© 2013 Adrian AIDZ Giannini


Friday, May 17, 2013

I couldn't write you a love song

I pierce the muse with Jade eyes

Smashed into blue dreams

Tattoo’d moonbeams

Never end this road

Your on


Fall into the cobbled roses

Let the tragedy

Begin its dance

On its own


I can search for you for days

In a perfect summer

I can feel your breath

Glisten on my skin


As I taste you on my tongue

Less of the memories

Fade like the sunset

On a new day begun


I carry you in my heart

As an angel carries you in its arm

I sleep on a shadow

And wish on a heartbeat

Let me into your dreams

And carry the stars away

I pierce your blackened heart

With the spit

Of my rusty blade

No-one knows my name

A single whisper is all it takes muse

You left me standing here

In the faeces of butterflies

Disbelieving of the taste you took

Mired on the edge of a broken fingernail

That scratches life from under my skin


You tell me you wanted growth

Standing under a crystalline heart

Glittering all these words

Coated in asinine venom

I swallow


Left to stand in the shadows

Of the wingless angels

One of the scorned for a fate so few

Long gone since I felt the silence

Spoken choose to tell my name


Several heartbeats misaligned

Hunger feeds the sun

Pleading for love in hope

In hope of better

No need to die


Left to lay in the place

Where no-one knows my name

Drowned in the sin of my own

Drunk on the blood

I bought to dance

Saturday, May 11, 2013

I remembered once

If I only held the muse's attention

If silence fell into the rain

Would I hear your cries in the wind

Lost into the stillness that abounds

Like a single fallible heartbeat

Absorbing all that is this time

When hope drifts on a change

Silent in the singularity

That is this love

That is when you be mine


Into these silent times

Before the rain descends 

Absorbed into my veins

Cupped into supple breast

My lips sing to the sweet tastes

Lingering on a memory

Stirred by a single heartbeat 

I remember this love

It was when I was yours


What has prompted this wish

Silently the moonlight washes away

Revealing the ghosts

Marked in autumns leaves upon the earth

Stillness by the roadside

I kiss today forget tomorrow

Drink the holy water

I held this love once

It was then when we .....

Thursday, May 2, 2013

If I could remember

Silently I watch the muse

I rest my elbow on the slithered edge

Sit upon the shreds of an unborn memory

Contemplate into the darkness of an unformed heart

Yet to beat a still life into the pleasure of these tears

Held in an upturned palm

And I ground those tears into dust


I licked remorse from your skin

Soaked in silver petulance and tasting of almonds

Leaving my mark upon your cheek in the form of a scar littered in rust

Staring into hollow eyes of jade casting no reflection that is mine

I can see until tomorrow in your dark refractions

Nothing of today coated in sin upon my furrowed brow


Longing for the smell of your perfume

Drawing deep breath in hope of remembrance

Less than a glimmer of the life hoped for

Less than a life lived in that heartbeat

Less than a life shed in those tears now ground to dust

Ive lived less of a life for not knowing you