Friday, June 28, 2013

with bitter skin

from the muses lips I taste salvation

Bring my heart down from this harvest moon

Feeling strange, a sense of possession

My warm hands buried in the ground, taste the dirt on my tongue 

Several autumn leaves cascade downwards, mottled picks of a different hue

Past my eyes, visions of yesterdays glories drift away

Will this fervent intense display of affection leave me

Left on my own to listen to the peace, between the static 

Sparkles of light, almost so real I can capture them

I would never have left you on your own

Till the shadows between the words left unsaid, bled

And I scream

Till no-one hears

Until the vibrancy leaves your eyes

Coloured in jade with a hint of life

Kiss the serpent on the lips of his hissssssss

Taste the meth as it settles on my lips

Chemically enhance breath rots the memories of a foolish winter

A far cry from what I was told about you

Lie my dear as I take the life from you in segments of gossamer

Kiss you goodbye once again


Selfish bitch

With bitter skin

I kiss you a last goodbye

© 2013 Adrian AIDZ Giannini



Friday, June 21, 2013

I find my beautiful death

I hold my hand to thee, my muse

From the silence after a storm

I fear that Ive fallen

Allowing the sun to break free

And me to open my eyes

To hold out

Reaching eternally toward nowhere


I awake at 7am  

Blissfully unaware of the carousel of life

That has gone on before

Passed in the blink of an eternal eye

Passed in life

And death

Allow me to remember to breathe

Allow me to get on with today


Captured in black and white

Rustic enhancements

Burnt sienna colours my mind

Allow me to look at where I bleed

Life ebbs of silent release


And dreams




Left behind scrawled on cardboard

Blackened charcoal musings

Hold a world at breath


When I look at you I see a demons awakening

Of a sojourn wasted in a single passing of time

Less of me will only hurt

Love lies buried in the dirt


These secrets we live

Carved into wrists 

Obscured into memories

A blessing or a curse

I simply cannot 

Will not

Live forever without you

In a single passing

I bleed

I weep

Forever I die

Beside you now I lay

Staring at the emptiness of space

Together in shadows

I find my beautiful death

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

the spaces in between

sometimes I can feel the muse even when she is not here

sometimes Im feeling a little less tattered

and torn 

than yesterdays dreams 

leaving me lying on the floor 

in a pool of my own heartbreak

I kiss less fragrant air

think back to once that was there

from the spaces in between

I see you there now

In the shadows


you can feel my heart

in the days before

reach beyond with yearning

a lonely finger

touches thin air

brushes the leaves

from between the spaces

lay me down again

feel the warmth left before

let me touch the sun

silver be my memories

I want to close my eyes

sleep unbroken

kiss you again

if my lips could reach

the spaces in between