Saturday, October 27, 2012

Walk this walk alone

I soothe the muse, be still sweet muse

Suckle gently from womanly teat

As white fades softly into black


Jewels that are faceted on far horizons

Belie the quality in Jade eyes


A simple pleasure less regret

Alluring as summers sweet breath


Taste of love

Taste of lust

Sing of these sweet lips


Take the time

To savor


Quest the taste

Parts on a subtle drift


I must have been walking alone

Lift in the mirrors and song


Pictures that have no face

I wont remember


Tranquil the noise that emanates

There is no road to cast a stone


You were looking for a way out

I cannot let you walk alone

As I

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Exorcise these emotions

Slice a silvered wrist

Ha this blade is rusty now


This scar

Elongated with time

Bares your name


This blood seeps from calloused wound

Does not run true


This blood that seeps from a wound within

Is not the right hue


Travelled in time 

Remembered in skin

Dilated pupils capture the light

This blood runs raven black


Clouded in horizons choice

Litters seldom viewed

Partake of natures flesh

Chosen from a vines ripened treasure


This blood it colours in stains of remembrance

A simple memory


This blood recalls a varied footfall

Holds a palm out for you


Celebrate with blood red wine

Drink of the harvest blessed

Yet this blade still sings for you


it sings

it sings

it sings

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Stealing Memories

Sweet Muse hold this heart

Staring into the sun 

My heart still seems cold

I told you to be patient

Told you you’d be mine


Listening to a different path

Circles covered in stone

Come and feel the wind

Soothing the demons inside a dream


Lest this secret remain

We hold out breath

Hold hands

As the dragonflies sing


Could it be 

As we imagined

Painted on skin

Lost in this place


A dozen souls cry black in the light

Let my breath be silent

Still your heartbeat lies cold

Stealing memories of you

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Amaranth Seduction

I share the muse a dream

Cut the blade


A pool of tears

To hide behind

To live or die


Lick me


The taste of fear

Taste in the ecstasy

Tease the blood

Amaranth seduction

Of a pleasing


Quicken the breath

Gasp in sweet

Drink cerise air

Smooth slithered edge

Of a love

Of a lust


Hold sharp in a palm

Jade whispers

In severed dreams

Of blood 

Of dust

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Unfinished swan

Left to begin the muse cries tears in Jade

Tears of shadowed past

Has never seen a view

A feather in black

Whispers from the unfinished swan

Sprawl a chalk mark 

Etched in haste on a sidewalk

Crooned in concrete and steel

Pierce a tongue in the quill of ink

A Jester blades your heart in Jade


Carve you I must 

Your name

In seeds of indigo

As I lick the nape of your neck

The beads

The beads of sweat

Glisten in the heartlight

As I carve 

Your name

While you and I dance

In the shadow of death


This gaze lingers

A moment to long

Captured by eyes of azure


Licked by the dragon

Absorbing the pearls

While the rasp of scales

Leaves scars on my soul


Finish me in a mask

Remnants of a deed left in haste

Carve your name in, Jade

The Jester cries at simple misgivings 

Retched blade encased in rust

Carve jade I must

Leave me to die


Unfinished swan

Friday, October 5, 2012

Wishing for a warmer day

I tell the muse I give everything to loose

gathered as dust 

lay the shadows 

resting listless on the ground

less living in the morning dawn

as streetlights retreat

for their work is done

and I walk 

these streets 


I promise 

I was a good man

as I shelter from the dew

pull my worn leather coat in tight

n glance at the demons

lingering off to my right

you cannot see them 

but I can

steady is the pace in footfall

as is the clink of my heels

watching the steam 


from my nose

chilling the nose ring

on each inhale

warmed on the ex

a mind that races on a thought of a thousand sins

shuddering at the blessing

of a dawn yet to be

as subtle hues of yesterday recede

and cower in the corners of a mind

as others see me

but pay no heed

only their fear of dying

crosses a wind

and settles on a true love

criss cross

I drift in the lemon scent


as the demon makes me uncomfortable

search for the tomorrow 

search for the heart

I left long ago

gathered in my own


gathered in my own

haunted dreams

I see naught of the chance

I need to survive

all that is 

all that was

is needed to be 


and I walk


exposing ashes

in my wake

from the wreckage

of nothing worth fighting for

and walk 

as I do

forever on a journey

and wishing for a warmer day