Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A small sacrifice

I try and look for the pieces of the puzzle I cannot find
From the cemetery of stilted memories looking for an answer
And yet I keep making it through each day

Sacrificed on an alter of broken fear stained with the good deeds of a few
I carry on with the only thought I had for the day
Is it a misgiving to love the few and not shed a tear

Hanging on by the sheer thread of existence
Counting on both hands the ones that are missing
In the blink of an eye all is forgiven and forgotten, if only this were true

Watching as the world washes backwards
Releasing me from all I had believed was valued in this lifetime
Would I change my ways to carry on regardless

Sacrifices made in the name
Sweet refrain from the world that could have been
I live in the ultimate sin so will you give me my wings

Subtle caress of a harnessed soul
Bleeding through my eyes of a shredded tear
I rest on one knee and cast my look to the heavens

Bathed in the colour of the sun as it remonstrates with the blue
Devour all the loneliness in the gathering souls resting on their way to nirvana
To justify the pieces I’ve left behind of my own that will never see the light of day

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Walk of a lonley man

Walking on the razors edge
Anaesthetised by the sparkling wines
Hear my disarray
As it fills with shattered bonds

Reach out
Hold out
For a better yesterday
Embrace what comes

Barefoot we tread
On the sands of shifting ideals
Through the hourglass
All our hopes must fall

For all our memories
Are but fears
Riding on the chariots
We created

Crippled by the shadows of the dour
Scared on show
Paraded by the jugglers
Yet never forgiven

Living by the selfish
Proud to be on the inside
A spirit unbroken
Continue to walk this earth alone

Thursday, May 26, 2011


They come and dance and play in me
I don't want them fucken there anymore
Reflected in others they toy with fractured mirrors
Abstract melodies harmonised a step too low
Fuck you
Screaming silent as my tongue drips silver hopes
Fading into black as no easy answer tears the paper into fours
Serpentine skins at a touch feel like what is lost
Seeking the solitude and silence
Its always drumming as I look through the glass to the past
Always talking to those that twist and sway in the breeze
I point at the harnessed door displaying bronzed wings
Remnants of ghostly beings have passed through before
Stained in disbelief saturated in others miseries
Yet not mine
You fuken come into my life and manipulate
Spineless and malleable castigated like receptive fools
Chinese whispers spoken in other tongues into waxen ears
Words left to drift spilling into dreams of others now
Contaminating all in its wake now left tarnished with the touch
Out I said
Reconciliation is beyond this redemption as you fool me no more

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Sanctimonious selfish son’s of bitches
Wearing crowns of pasts glories
Bathed in coloured halos reflecting reverence
Thinly veiled in opulent regalia

Its the jester that laughs at them not with

Chop the poppies down
Chop Chop

Its the meek that will inherit
If the meek could rise from their apathetic collective arses
Inheriting governance that is brinking on collapse
Corpulate corruption soothes all beasts

Rape and pillage left nothing for less
Tomorrow is un-needed for now it is

For the children
For the kids

Inheritance that is all spent on yesterdays desires
Breathe it in kids for that is what it was
Burdened on the soil and burdened in your hearts
Live for today
As tomorrow is all fucked up

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Soul searching

As sweetly
As softly
As my love for you

Coveted for all times
As a treasured trinket
I received in my youth

Subtle as the first kiss
Breathed from virgin lips
Befalling this entrancement

Is my love for you

Though we meet in other lifetimes
Yet in this one we pass
Yet my hopes fade less

Till I seek my love
And stare into those eyes
I know you are the one

As is my love for you
Until the end

Seek the Rapture

Cut on the blood from an angels breath
Bathe in the black tears that fall from the sky
Carry the forsaken with arms that are broken
Simple pleasures appease the heart
Littering the steps on which I walk

Worn on a chain of silken sorrows
Martyrdom immortalises the crisis
Blink in sequence view the helter skelter
For in days we will be forgotten
Buoyed in rivers of blood that flow

One last kiss of tomorrows lips
Reflected on pools of halcyon lust
Catch the image through the unseen truths
Heard on the deaf eyes of the mute masses
Tripping out until the end of all times

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Kiss these fucken lips
Lest I tear yours from your face
With gnarled teeth dripping with blood
And fleshy tendrils exposed form the corner of my mouth

My palms press firmly against your cheeks
As your skin fades to a lesser colour
Ha your pupils dilate
As you look for escape

Whispered tenderly as one can into a hallowed ear
You are mortal now

Your wings
Those glorious fucken wings
Given to you by your maker
Left to rot as others before you
As soon will your carcass
Once I allow your life to leave it

I have the choice here
Not others
I am the one who will decide

Be not I
A man

Cannot I choose my own destiny
Not some visioned deity
Who sends his winged creatures
To tend the righteous path

Fuck that
And fuck you

If we as men
Cease to question
Those in power
We become as corrupt
As they are themselves

So I lay beside you
And stare to the heavens
And await
What those have decided


As my mind eases into another loose cannon
I prostrate myself in front of you
I cannot love
I cannot give
If you continue to take beyond your measure

Suffocate your own desire for the pleasure of a few
Sweat drips from the creases in your brow
My mind reaches out
Screaming fuck you fuck you
Tearing at your eyes with my fingers of sinew

Wake me from the black and white as I walk though the fire
I castigate the virtues of sorrow as they spew from your lips
Turn your souls from inside
Seeing the oblivious
Take this suicide as the beginnings of yesterday

Kiss my breath

Forever is a fantasy of the delusional feasting on the shadows on memories
Star crossed in the vagrancies of a love lost on the oceans of tears
Sail me to the shores of a smoke filled room where a fool can hide
And tear the fuckers a new hole to breathe
As I turn this blade to crimson in front of you and take tomorrow from you

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Kiss the dreams from an angels wing
Serenade your heart to a silent song
Close your eyes and fall away
Softly, softly beats your heart sending sweet lullabies to forgiveness

All the little things glisten like hopes twinkling in the breeze
Just out of reach lie the absolutions of remembering
Floating like a butterfly sleeping under the stars
Another love will not drown away nor will it be forgotten

In the passing of time eloquently resting upon the words of fallen tear
Moons glow casts golden shadows bathing the giver in a halo of blessings
I open to you as you to me giving and forgiving
Allowing past, present and future to be as one

Friday, May 6, 2011

I never wanted

I never wanted
A love song
I never wanted
A broken heart

Laying here in
Broken tear drops
Is this where this
Dream stops

Soon departed
From this world
Frozen in time
These memories taste like wine

If I could taste
These lazy dreams
Live another day
We begin again

And tomorrow
With the day renewed
Only I’d have to
Do it all without you

Smell the frangipani
Reminding me of yesterdays
Velveteen kisses
Placed on the moon

Sweet surrender
Carries my dreams
As I hope we can begin again
Even though Id loose again

I never wanted
I never wanted
I never wanted
A love song

No reason

Todays are yesterdays tomorrows
Forgotten and cast aside
As I bleed

Is this me?....

As the dark consumes me
All I can do is breath my existence
Cloaked in the controversy of my situation
It envelopes and closes my eyes

Shivers from the chill of the open door
Paralytic from the answers that need questions
Reveal all to me from the depths
Then the child shows me the vision

Plunder me to despair
Crying out for the last scream that languishes on my tongue
Throw them away as lonely as I am
Caress the silver chains following the inscription

Torn from the inside crimson tides cover the wall
Chaliced escapes ride from my mind
Outcast from the paranoid living in my private hell
Poisoned heartbeats pleasuring the self believed

Ride the bullet to my existence of purity
Taste the reasoning as it melts through the hardness
Gripped in talons of grave misfortunes
Devour the blackness as it were your own

Bark profanities from the porcelain stage
If the fuckers could only hear beyond their own insecurities
So when is it coming gripped by the fog and fire
As I raise a hand blessed in the resurrection of the confused

Journey beyond grief and walk on the wire
Question the intention of all willing souls
Kiss kiss and taste the cursed in this spittle of hate
Protected, this horde of angels that creep single platitudes upon the misguided

I still believe in yesterdays forgiveness as if forgotten
Compromised by the ink that beguiles this soul
I let the rain wash over me
So I can cleanse the fucked up soul misrepresented on these darkened pages

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Melancholy sweeps of the quill
Scribe the parchment in seas of vermilion
Visionary illusions fabricate emotional sensations
As the good scribe transcends the night

Flickering shadow men dance on the walls
Overseeing, as the muse guides the Laureate
Flickering light as the flick of a wrist
Charges surreal landscape with the dreams of the forlorn

By the morning the story is bed
Word forms of letters transcend mere men
Betwixt the lines lies the true tale
A heart broken and punctured by a vanity