Friday, August 30, 2013

Tattoo's n Gypsy's

Don't give upon  me now my muse

Pencil’d in my hand sketching all I see 

the soft graphite blends with parchment and sensibilities 

vistas that surround inspire a archaic reality

lost in a world of make believe

I find a place

that special place: you know the one

living a life that seems so unreal

An easy escape for me

between the blues and greens

And my heart

Leaving the several lifetimes behind

To the gleam of a memory in pain


What if the shadows bleed forever

As I watch helplessly on bended knee

Breathing in the smoke thats drifts in from the unseen

And I wash

Wash my hands in the blood of those

That have given their life for me

If only I could have seen their smiles

Lived in the obscene

Coated in liquorice and arsenic

I know I wont have to sing right

Except for the one

That knows my name


Tattoo’s n Gypsy's dripped in gasoline

Dance the night laced in gossamer 

And the one in black dressed like a queen

All eyes watch enviously held in the palm of a lifetime

From this place

Sight unseen

Left to run from another tomorrow

Left to the world

Haunted in the corners of disbelief

I find I can live inside each and everyones dream

Scattered in the leftovers of a thousand cigarettes

I can marry another if I cry my old face


Tomorrow I bleed

Saturday, August 24, 2013

il bacio delle farfalle / butterflies kiss

Hush now muse I be home soon

Settle now my sweet

Rest on the back of my hand

Let your breath cast a shadow

And let my fingers weep


In an eternity of vermillion

Your wings touched in silk

Shuddering so softly in the breeze

My breath draws deep


It pleases me your touch

Allows our hearts to intertwine

Tattoo’d are the names of life given 

Eternal I rest my eyes to sleep


© 2013 Adrian AIDZ Giannini


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

two hearts alone

for the muse alone

eyes lined in black

failing to meet the jester

but only for an instant 

to look away again


hearts roll off the tongue

spoken quick to lessen being heard

not as guarded 

as once was before


a smile of the blade

inked in forever

a bracelet on a slender wrist

mirrored and adorned


life could have been less of the same

when tasted of two souls traveled

met in a circumstance 

two hearts alone

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Devils slide

The muse is nowhere

From the scalpel

Covered in chrome and dust

Words twisted beyond belief

Hung by the neck swaying in the breeze

Deja vu as time travels the same ground



Standing insecure at the crossroads yet again

Looking from within 

I fall to my knees

Hollow in thought

Insensitive to light

Dirt tastes the same 

Bitterness carries in this breeze

Until I see a sun

Refracted in diamonds

I find it hard to smile 

A mirror shows the same

Burdens carried upon my back

Heavy be this load

Spoken on a twisted tongue and vision

Reflected in the way you live

Lies you bathed in

Lies you coated me in

Finding it hard to hold my head up high

Hollow eyed I stare

Nothingness is less forgiving

Shimmer glistens from the Devils slide

As dust blends with blood

Easing my pain forevermore

© 2013 Adrian AIDZ Giannini