Monday, June 29, 2015

Listen alone

Colours that enhance life lived
A harlequins kiss split in two
Dreams that once hid in a lie
Come to life on the back of my hand

Taking a chance on a word
I turn my head to drink the rain
I though I'd learnt a lesson in another life
Thoughts intertwine in a single illicit passing of a nothing

Brief may be the illusion of dancing 
Kiss me before you fall 
I know if I pass on this day 
Summer won't wait till the dawn 

Succulent yet the trees bleed
Passing time in the way I breathe
Words that have another meaning
Disappearance of a soul in blackness

Twist a look into a smile hidden beneath
Your eyes dart seeking solace in the void
Skin blisters into a shadow of remorse
I dance alone as I have no partner

Sunday, May 17, 2015


In silence I hear the world 
I close my eyes to allow the nothing to envelope me
Her soft fingers pass by my skin
The breath of passing
Calming my being

I still myself and breathe deep
Absorb her beauty and being
Giving myself completely
Her smile warms my soul
As it does everyday

Trusting her with my heart
Cocooned in ruby and gold
Allowing her to hold
That which is precious to me
That which is now hers

Saturday, January 10, 2015



I am not you

You nor me

Two lives lived

Diverging pathways

Intertwined in separate lifetimes

Meeting as a glimpse in this

A passing in that


Cherished be this meeting of souls

For it be lost again

Until the next passing 

Not remembered in the last

But known as a feeling

A memory forgotten

Sensed on the drift of the stars

Only a memory


Cherish time spent as this will pass

Time erases yesterday

Hurt erases tomorrow

A cut on a slender wrist

Only reminds of what has been

Yet lingers as a gentle reminder 

Of the two who loved