Saturday, December 29, 2012

Speechless hearts

Deep within the ways I love you

lies a valley, 

where my wandering footsteps 

find no boundaries.


Hands held in hands

Drift amongst the pearls

Silent in emotion

I know you are mine


You are not my world, 

Am I yours?

Speechless be our hearts

Same sun, different moons.


The air we breathe 

Tasting of honeysuckle

Embedded on a memory

On a lifetime of love

A colab with Neva Flores and Aidz

Friday, December 28, 2012

Paper dragons

Paper dragons

Try to run away

Hear them 



In the silver



All your dreams

Store them 

In your pockets

Never let

The colours drain


Simple things

Make you smile


Simple things

Allow you to cry



Close your eyes

Allow the shadows

Lengthen creep

Close your eyes

Time to sleep


In silence I kiss the muse

Kiss me with silent words

Swirling the space between

Drink silence silvered

The look on your face, Serenity


Words in ink upon a wrist

A meaning known to you

Lipstick black in Honesty

Keyed in lace upon your neck


Secrets scream in liquid voice

Heard lonely upon your ears

Sincerely touch a single breath

Stolen life in death



Friday, December 21, 2012

Taken innocence

In blackened days the muse tests my faith

“If I reach up n stand on tippy toes

I can almost touch the stars”


“If I stand really still

The flutterby will land on me”


Sweet innocence and wonder

Soon will change

Impurity grows upon the stage

Silver dollar for every smile made

Amidst the scurry of darkened souls 

Soon crawl inside her skin

Needles have done so before

Replaced by the lace and cigarettes

And the thousand silent smiles

Leeching lurid in the sin

Limited by the crazy 

Living inside this mind

Confession of living lonely

Escape the mouths of babes

Yet nothing will escape

This life that is made

Of whiskey and broken dreams

Nights laid waste

Of days unremembered

All because


You took my innocence

Saturday, December 15, 2012

A single kiss in black reprise

The muse blesses me in the rain

I cannot feed
I cannot weep
My pleasure comes 
From the tip
Of a rusty blade
A single kiss in black


I taste of the addiction sweet

Senses alert for loose souls I lick air, taste


Set sail on seas looking for a heart blessed in ruby

Tattoo’d wings drift aimlessly lifting hope beyond


Touch life as I touch my skin

A single sin blesses me


In tomorrows heartbeat I can count again

Suicide disbelievers coated on an angels wing


Inject silver nitrate into my breath and veins

Coloured in mending tearing nails from blackened eyes


I wish you where here now to kiss the sunset with me

In the pit of my stomach I fear goodbyes


Lay me to rest on the bosom of a gypsies gasp

Till I can feel again


Taste the skin from the rust

Life let it slip


A single kiss in black

Friday, December 7, 2012

I cannot feed
I cannot weep
My pleasure comes 
From the tip
Of a rusty blade
A single kiss in black

Thursday, December 6, 2012

A single kiss in black refrain

In ink the muse is satiated 

I cannot feed
I cannot weep
My pleasure comes 
From the tip
Of a rusty blade
A single kiss in black

A purposeful flick of a damp cigarette

Ash fall scatters the inconsiderate souls


Seminally lick at the torn blisters on the soles of my feet

In the hope that one returns from grace


An indignant guise from a lifetime ago

I wear my love like a costume mirrored in shards


Several feathers remind 

Less than console


The rain cannot wash the skin away

Cut with a rusty blade 


Dream in like refractions until the sun goes down

Bury my soul in the palms of my hands as it begins again


Split tongue glides venus’s mound

Erotic pleasures distill the black in favour of different hue


Kiss sweet engourge this flesh

Tendrils of sin enshroud this heart torn in two


So it begins 

A life less than deserved I take your life as my own


A single kiss in black

Saturday, December 1, 2012

A single kiss in black

A memory leaves the muse in ink

I cannot feed
I cannot weep
My pleasure comes 
From the tip
Of a rusty blade
A single kiss in black

How do you talk when the radios gone

And the blue clouds send down the rain


I drag my feet on the mud soaked road

And tell myself I find a halo strange


Drenched in souls I step ahead 

Draw a wintery breath


Encased in sorrows

Massacred tears an only regret


Severed wings leave a stain marked in blood

This my life I give for you and pass on heavens bless


Colour me in life on canvas drawn in crystalline hue

Slivered in a rusty blade I draw my skin for you


Several lifetimes cease to be

A smile draws a heart in two


I cannot let you begin again

So I take your life


A single kiss in black

Dream of tomorrow

In the muse I suffer 

Close a silent door on a life that is lived

Live this love in a groove state

Marry solitude to belonging 

Selfless images caress the view


Blackness of ink settles on a new scribe

Dust softly blows sentiments of morrow

Round and round fingers entwine

Sparkle in fluid motion capture your eye


Marred in shadows cursed in blessings

Silver tongue reapers ply a trade

Exotic masquerades dance on the wing

As I rest and think on tomorrows beginnings