Saturday, November 19, 2011


Realisation dawns in the dark

Kiss away all possible hopes

Dreams that will rest on a silken thread

Hanging tenuous as life itself as it spins in the breeze

And of life the great unknown

Less remains from yesterday than the day before

Piss it away on the voices that murmur

Nothing matters anymore...nothing

This is the hour of my release

Tattoo goodbye on the promise Ive forgiven

Without a memory I can forget

Scar’s don't live forever with me gone

No more to justify shadows crossing the places that show remorse

I hold a hand out to cross my palm stained in another’s

Stained in the sins of a lifetime

Cleansed in the hopes we all live forever..... don't fucken kid yourself we don't

Time moves slowly in the last

I held dreams and wishes to have them melt away

As do the imaginings of other paths unchosen

Well its too late now, better to accept the realisation of the dark

Friday, November 18, 2011

Writings on the wall

Elegantly kinked

Checkered walls

Checkered floors

Into the looking glass

Checkered past

Pop another pill

Under sufferance

Standing tall

In another lifetime

Not this one

At another time

Let me show you the taste

Serve to you in a swill

Unsupported decadence forgotten in thoughts

Lips unlike mine pucker and kiss what first approaches

Death soon follows on a plate of sweet marshmallows

Legs that bend soon become hallow

A voice was heard

Whispered in shallow murmuring

Do you even remember the day

When the sky washed ashore

Arise from the soil as I breathe tarnished air

And sip a checkered board played as the kings do

Saturday, November 12, 2011

one more

one hand

one heart

that I touch

for one more night

I’ll serenade you in a dream

From the bar room in heavens waiting room

While St Peter serves me another tequila n lime

And the angels play pool with the demons

While Jimi screams out Voodoo Child from the stage

I strike up another doobie

And vanish in the smoke haze

Wishing it was all it could be

one hand

one heart

that I touch

for one more night

Thursday, November 10, 2011

under the hat

Dull my senses from the jar I keep in the corner

Sealed in secrets of the darkest nevermore

Lest they spill and sully along the checkered floor

Come share a smoke with me on the outside

Keeps you from getting into my inside

Littered down the rabbit hole

Hit with the sharp end of a mighty big stick

Here wear this hat

Let it slip to your shoulders

Look theres another day

What is this in this cigarette?

As the weasel plays a mean blues harp

And the goldfish wink at me while holding a full house

Nor do the bounce when left to swim in the slipstream

Pat the black dog before he barks and moves me from here

Living in the reality of another mistake

Licked and grooved in the summers of mornings before

I kiss the whore and taste the sum of all her treats

And wake to hear the Red Hot Chilli Peppers golden beats

on a wing

Softly I surrender

As I bow to the breeze

Silver tendrils nuzzle my skin

I can feel your warmth in soothing grace

Emotions let in and bathe me in tender

Rest on a finger before you depart

I feel to myself

A kiss to the butterflies wing

Those we miss

In the time of serenity

Between the sun and luna

Shimmers of red and gold

Sweep the sky on the turn

Elongating shadows

Caress the place where we lay

Entwined in the thoughts

A hand held in another’s

While dreams dance elsewhere

Trust is exchanged

On the beat of a heart

While diamonds glimmer in the night

A rose rests in each place

All that is left

Is a name

Not a face

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A dream is but a memory

If Im quiet I can hear it

Rest in the cup of my hands

Eyelids droop

Pretty as the butterflies play

Listless on a summers day

Drink in the aqua blue

Serenade me on your fingertips

Pirouetting are the fairies

Glistening wings shimmer in the heat

Silver puffs blow away the gray

Its her I hear you say

Eyes adjust focus from the blur of sleep

White dressed in shadows

Fogged in textures

Held just out of reach

Perfumed in breath

Of lavender and heath

Trill of the song

Masks the footfall

Hummingbirds whistle along

My eyes follow the disturbance in air

Refracted in a memory

Wishing you where really there

Living less satiated

Than the beginning of this day

Lulled back into sleep

I wake in the knowing

A dream is but a memory