Thursday, December 22, 2011


The muse shows me her rusty knife


A ball

Of crimson


Reflecting me


The world


On the point

Of a blade

Well worn




In crimson




In stories


On a knife



On a sleeve

A heart


In silver


By this blade


In crimson


I sail alone

The muse waves from the shore


Open promises fade

On the glimpse of regret

Soothing words

Wont mend

Tears of sufferance

Spill into my drink

I harbour a sea of patience

Still I sail alone

Saturday, December 17, 2011

If I saw you bleed

I lament the muse


Crimson in beauties death

Washed by the waterfall

You saw me pretty once

Tears of the Sun

While the muses watches TV I look into the sun


Rape me

Twist me

Spin on me a lesser being

Higher than a dream can take you

Slide into my world

See through my eyes

Twisted in images of fragmented hellions

Leap from me

Flames of atrocities



From fingertips

Torn from hands yet born

Mockingly laugh

As I smirk a grin of regret

And adorn you with platitudes

Of get fucked

While blinking

I wash

The tears of the sun away

Saturday, December 10, 2011

You tell me you want the sun

I give the muse a promise to believe


You tell me you want the sun

Burning candlelight

Flickering dreams

Shadows paint ominous pictures

Winged in feathers of grey

Skip and play on the stucco

I will give you what I can

Out of sight

Out of mind

I can only give the rest of my life

Fragile as its worn

Draped as a delicate fine gold chain

Catching light

Melting as breath licks each link

While you move to capture warmth

Simple pleasure gives you more

Ever wanted

Ever needed

Drink the suicide

Tipped on the tongue

Of a bloodied receiver

Snared barbed in wire

Silver coated

Wrapped in a corset

Of a common man

Not an angel

As you would believe

Given salvation

Given light

Given hope

Given love

Poets Rally week 58


Thursday, December 8, 2011


The muse mocks meI


m gunna see if your listening

Take this rusty blade and carve your name

Etch it deep within

Let the warmth of my life

Congeal in the dust

Blissfully weep at my feet

Then Ill crawl inside

Somewhere to die

Nowhere to live

Let me suffer alone

Spin my web

Elongated fingers drench death

Dipped in filth

And I see your face

Grimaced in disguised disgrace

Lacking of emotion

Im sorry I made you

Im sorry I hate you

How do I spell your name

A fate less pleasant

The muse casts me a curious glance


Enshrouded in a shattered sail

Liquid in gold remnants glistening in a bejewelled embrace

Escape from the cataclysm broached in fire

Downcast please forgive the sin

Five fingers held for this affection

Draped in silver threads entrancing the beguiled

Hazed in the heat of carnal thoughts ridden in on a demons wing

Musk heady on the senses arouses carnal desires

Pieced in a puzzle of conflicting thought

Lines of fragmented stimulants ease the self

Clarity in split visions form perspective in two’s

Tepid afterthought leaves a smile

A dance on the web

Leaves little for chance

I throw my heart to the wind

And accept my fate

Friday, December 2, 2011

Twisted in existance

The muse and I share the draw of a hookah


Lie awake on the waft of a sea breeze

Ruffling the curtains of silk on an angels hair

Moonlight flows majikally through the window

Breaking as the pages turn of poetic tome

Peel gowns flowing silkily of insatiable desire

Implant acid dipped in lace syringed in silver

Pulsating veins of blue as head rush increases intensity

Flickering eyelids attest to the play in another land

Peel crackling paint from the ceiling taste the indifference

Unfurl and climb Repunzel’s golden trusses lift to the stars

Skip and dance from Orion's Belt to the plains of the Moon

A fall will cause no pain as pain is intolerable to the dead