Thursday, December 22, 2011


The muse shows me her rusty knife


A ball

Of crimson


Reflecting me


The world


On the point

Of a blade

Well worn




In crimson




In stories


On a knife



On a sleeve

A heart


In silver


By this blade


In crimson


I sail alone

The muse waves from the shore


Open promises fade

On the glimpse of regret

Soothing words

Wont mend

Tears of sufferance

Spill into my drink

I harbour a sea of patience

Still I sail alone

Saturday, December 17, 2011

If I saw you bleed

I lament the muse


Crimson in beauties death

Washed by the waterfall

You saw me pretty once

Tears of the Sun

While the muses watches TV I look into the sun


Rape me

Twist me

Spin on me a lesser being

Higher than a dream can take you

Slide into my world

See through my eyes

Twisted in images of fragmented hellions

Leap from me

Flames of atrocities



From fingertips

Torn from hands yet born

Mockingly laugh

As I smirk a grin of regret

And adorn you with platitudes

Of get fucked

While blinking

I wash

The tears of the sun away

Saturday, December 10, 2011

You tell me you want the sun

I give the muse a promise to believe


You tell me you want the sun

Burning candlelight

Flickering dreams

Shadows paint ominous pictures

Winged in feathers of grey

Skip and play on the stucco

I will give you what I can

Out of sight

Out of mind

I can only give the rest of my life

Fragile as its worn

Draped as a delicate fine gold chain

Catching light

Melting as breath licks each link

While you move to capture warmth

Simple pleasure gives you more

Ever wanted

Ever needed

Drink the suicide

Tipped on the tongue

Of a bloodied receiver

Snared barbed in wire

Silver coated

Wrapped in a corset

Of a common man

Not an angel

As you would believe

Given salvation

Given light

Given hope

Given love

Poets Rally week 58


Thursday, December 8, 2011


The muse mocks meI


m gunna see if your listening

Take this rusty blade and carve your name

Etch it deep within

Let the warmth of my life

Congeal in the dust

Blissfully weep at my feet

Then Ill crawl inside

Somewhere to die

Nowhere to live

Let me suffer alone

Spin my web

Elongated fingers drench death

Dipped in filth

And I see your face

Grimaced in disguised disgrace

Lacking of emotion

Im sorry I made you

Im sorry I hate you

How do I spell your name

A fate less pleasant

The muse casts me a curious glance


Enshrouded in a shattered sail

Liquid in gold remnants glistening in a bejewelled embrace

Escape from the cataclysm broached in fire

Downcast please forgive the sin

Five fingers held for this affection

Draped in silver threads entrancing the beguiled

Hazed in the heat of carnal thoughts ridden in on a demons wing

Musk heady on the senses arouses carnal desires

Pieced in a puzzle of conflicting thought

Lines of fragmented stimulants ease the self

Clarity in split visions form perspective in two’s

Tepid afterthought leaves a smile

A dance on the web

Leaves little for chance

I throw my heart to the wind

And accept my fate

Friday, December 2, 2011

Twisted in existance

The muse and I share the draw of a hookah


Lie awake on the waft of a sea breeze

Ruffling the curtains of silk on an angels hair

Moonlight flows majikally through the window

Breaking as the pages turn of poetic tome

Peel gowns flowing silkily of insatiable desire

Implant acid dipped in lace syringed in silver

Pulsating veins of blue as head rush increases intensity

Flickering eyelids attest to the play in another land

Peel crackling paint from the ceiling taste the indifference

Unfurl and climb Repunzel’s golden trusses lift to the stars

Skip and dance from Orion's Belt to the plains of the Moon

A fall will cause no pain as pain is intolerable to the dead

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Realisation dawns in the dark

Kiss away all possible hopes

Dreams that will rest on a silken thread

Hanging tenuous as life itself as it spins in the breeze

And of life the great unknown

Less remains from yesterday than the day before

Piss it away on the voices that murmur

Nothing matters anymore...nothing

This is the hour of my release

Tattoo goodbye on the promise Ive forgiven

Without a memory I can forget

Scar’s don't live forever with me gone

No more to justify shadows crossing the places that show remorse

I hold a hand out to cross my palm stained in another’s

Stained in the sins of a lifetime

Cleansed in the hopes we all live forever..... don't fucken kid yourself we don't

Time moves slowly in the last

I held dreams and wishes to have them melt away

As do the imaginings of other paths unchosen

Well its too late now, better to accept the realisation of the dark

Friday, November 18, 2011

Writings on the wall

Elegantly kinked

Checkered walls

Checkered floors

Into the looking glass

Checkered past

Pop another pill

Under sufferance

Standing tall

In another lifetime

Not this one

At another time

Let me show you the taste

Serve to you in a swill

Unsupported decadence forgotten in thoughts

Lips unlike mine pucker and kiss what first approaches

Death soon follows on a plate of sweet marshmallows

Legs that bend soon become hallow

A voice was heard

Whispered in shallow murmuring

Do you even remember the day

When the sky washed ashore

Arise from the soil as I breathe tarnished air

And sip a checkered board played as the kings do

Saturday, November 12, 2011

one more

one hand

one heart

that I touch

for one more night

I’ll serenade you in a dream

From the bar room in heavens waiting room

While St Peter serves me another tequila n lime

And the angels play pool with the demons

While Jimi screams out Voodoo Child from the stage

I strike up another doobie

And vanish in the smoke haze

Wishing it was all it could be

one hand

one heart

that I touch

for one more night

Thursday, November 10, 2011

under the hat

Dull my senses from the jar I keep in the corner

Sealed in secrets of the darkest nevermore

Lest they spill and sully along the checkered floor

Come share a smoke with me on the outside

Keeps you from getting into my inside

Littered down the rabbit hole

Hit with the sharp end of a mighty big stick

Here wear this hat

Let it slip to your shoulders

Look theres another day

What is this in this cigarette?

As the weasel plays a mean blues harp

And the goldfish wink at me while holding a full house

Nor do the bounce when left to swim in the slipstream

Pat the black dog before he barks and moves me from here

Living in the reality of another mistake

Licked and grooved in the summers of mornings before

I kiss the whore and taste the sum of all her treats

And wake to hear the Red Hot Chilli Peppers golden beats

on a wing

Softly I surrender

As I bow to the breeze

Silver tendrils nuzzle my skin

I can feel your warmth in soothing grace

Emotions let in and bathe me in tender

Rest on a finger before you depart

I feel to myself

A kiss to the butterflies wing

Those we miss

In the time of serenity

Between the sun and luna

Shimmers of red and gold

Sweep the sky on the turn

Elongating shadows

Caress the place where we lay

Entwined in the thoughts

A hand held in another’s

While dreams dance elsewhere

Trust is exchanged

On the beat of a heart

While diamonds glimmer in the night

A rose rests in each place

All that is left

Is a name

Not a face

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A dream is but a memory

If Im quiet I can hear it

Rest in the cup of my hands

Eyelids droop

Pretty as the butterflies play

Listless on a summers day

Drink in the aqua blue

Serenade me on your fingertips

Pirouetting are the fairies

Glistening wings shimmer in the heat

Silver puffs blow away the gray

Its her I hear you say

Eyes adjust focus from the blur of sleep

White dressed in shadows

Fogged in textures

Held just out of reach

Perfumed in breath

Of lavender and heath

Trill of the song

Masks the footfall

Hummingbirds whistle along

My eyes follow the disturbance in air

Refracted in a memory

Wishing you where really there

Living less satiated

Than the beginning of this day

Lulled back into sleep

I wake in the knowing

A dream is but a memory

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Don't call my name

Feeding off the black

As it flows from my loneliness

Devoured on a leopards heart

Gorged before midnight

On the promises of lies

Left in the memory of you

A single breathe away

Liquid in lies

Touched in torment

Of grief

Splattered around these pictures

Spread upon the floors

Tearing at my knees

Broke down and wasted

Face down I give

You my heart

Served on a bed of roses

Thorns pricked in the blood of sin

Take a shot

You could never



Open eyes

Stare remorseful


In the tones of serious

Goblets of pure

Drink in the need


Hands touch the bricks


My world

From your grip

I watch you slip

Monday, October 24, 2011

whisper goodbye

Never ending cascading waves caress the bejeweled

Silent moons reflect yesterdays tears shimmering on their journey

Faraway lights glisten in the glimmer of dreams cupped in warm hands

I close my eyes and wish to sleep forever on clouds of vermillion

As you bend and kiss my brow with your ruby red lips leaving your soul

The beat of this heart ceases to be when left in the care of another

Suns shine and rise in each mornings breath failing to melt the dew

Each day is a promise Ive lived in forever of you

In return the mirror shatters sharding the pieces to the winds of four

Trapped in an eternal embrace of ambivalent tones

This knife plunges deep to end this timeline and whisper goodbye

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Slipping in the dreams that are much maligned

Soothing as the reflective candle flickers

Eloquently wrapped in angles wing

My kisses make you bring

Suffragettes dressed in dour splendor

Fingers delivers oblique touch

Soothing found in midnights playground

I kiss your mind as it delivers relief

Look deep lest it brings pain

Wallowed in serene

Calloused be thy shy misgivings

Taste me one more time

Live inside

Delve inside

Play inside

See what your dreams become

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sinful purpose

Captured by a moment in time

As a feather embraces your heart

A bead of sweat rolls gently down

The curvature of your breast

Rocked only by the gentle pulse

And short sharp breaths

Pausing to rest on your firm nipple

Before my tongue rescues it from its trek

Fingers caress softly

Well moistened from exploring

Undulating thighs encourage progress

A soft moan escapes sweet pursed lips

You raise to meet love

Pleasured in expectation

Pupils dilated with erotic desires

Meet in final purpose

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A word

Split in the heart

Formed of two separate

Defined in form

Of lives lived

Less than normal

One of shimmer

One of life's ink

A shadows cast

Is another’s refuge

Struggle within the whole

Purpose out of function

Derives sanctuary

Hopes for permanence

As one nurtures

One devours light

Yet both live within

Share the vessel

Control of mind

A smile

A grimace

A thought

A word

Friday, October 7, 2011

Slip in the vision


Of the bubble


From the depth of the flute


In gold

Light captures the contours

Penetrating this skin

Crazy patterns

Disguise the bit

The colour of my spit

Melts the paint

From the sidewalk

Silver barbiturates

Gasp in the mirrors

Of attraction

Shoot them up

This stories a joke

Without a consuming

I aint loosing

Flow in this jam

Slick on me brother

Turn another trick on the loose

B cup dont impress me

When I got 2 cups to hold

I am alive

Drink in the copious

Absorb passion

Let the sun

Kiss my face

Move on

Dripping whiskey

Inhale on the acrid

Red tipped cigarette

Breathe dragons fire

On the exhale

Footfalls scuff

Well worn soles

Silver tipped

Cowboy boots

Squint into the sun

Retain a focus

Of what has become

From the best of me

Essence of kewl

Dressed so silently

Draw another

Absorb another side of me

And exhale

Damnation years

Served in toil

Wear the scars well

Every mark tells a story

Hesitate on the apology

No one ever looks at me

A draw on the end

I tip my hat

Throw my cigarette to the sea



In the love and the hate


Upon your chest

Layered in the braille

Fingers swiftly caress



Deep seated emotions

Hidden from view

Door closed on all

Shown to the complete

On the whim of a disease

Its all blown away

A single piece


Secured from view

Held in the corner of my world

A small piece

Of you

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sideshow of fear

Velveteen laden rooms covered in mirrors

Festooned facades herald the malformed

Welcome to the rebirth of the unfortunate

Buy a ticket for the freak show


Living disfigurement paraded for one and all

Punters that look on in belief of the fortunate few

Gothic crackling’s permeate surrounding air

There is no Snow White here in this refraction


Brought in upon the second face 

Unsounded beauty tests inner souls

Dare to look beyond kaleidoscope of coloured iris

Will they lay with her tonight or any night?


Majestic as the freaks on the stage

Life less choosing as the one deserved

Carried as a bastardization of a lesser being

Care to look at the reflection of me and you?

Friday, September 30, 2011

We will

The bitch sings love sonnets softly in the rain
Choice is yours if you listen
Its your decision

No one would blame you if you changed
Chance fleets quickly
Its come and gone

Feed the fire that burns in song
No blame to say its over
Its your decision

Cleared in overborne afterthought
Feed the blame
Spurring you on

No one would bend to pick the compassionate
Say to me its over
Its over

All these demons

Captured in a reflection
I ask is everything going to be okay?
Its spoken into the light

Swallow these thoughts
I ask is it all going to be alright?
You have found me

Love dances slowly
I think Ive missed again

Can I feel anything?
Just the arms of loneliness

Look to the bottom of a glass
Taste the pills and the butterflies

Facetted in a diamonds face
I could never see again

Held in my hand
Should I apologise?
Warmth into my lungs

Secrets caress my chest
Can it all make sense somehow?
Its meant for this life

I lie awake dying

Cross legged sitting upon the floor
Contemplating my happiness of before
Between my fingers I hold my tomorrow
A bullet with my name
Shaped in the syringe that protrudes from my vein
Memories coagulate spreading their blood on the floor
Visions spinning haphazardly
As the demons sing in latin
Caressing my shoulders as I look in to the fires of blue
Friends cast off like discarded clothes as we bathe in the rivers
A final cleansing before I die
Do you want to die too?
Sit in my shadow and glisten as water heals
As this soul suffers in silence
Lips sewn shut yet I hear the silent screams of my own torment
The things Ive done that you wont
Blister the paint from the walls
Is all that we hold
Is all that we believe
For the ungodliness remains
Tarnished in the unbeauty that the sunrise begins
For fuck sake turn to the sun and hold the moon in vain
And all I ask of you is to throw the final sod into my grave
As a whisper will show all that is forgiven
Mouthing nothings as the sentences fail to form
Breath the stain from my nostrils
As the its all passed in the blink of an eye

Monday, September 26, 2011


Let me drift
If I can
Borne on the waters
Of this life

Meander if you will
As it pleases
Drift to another sign
Restful of this life

Waft life as a feather
I will
Follow another reflow
At peace with this life

Carried as a care with no doubt
Unsullied as the breeze
Delivers me to you
Upon the goodness of our soul

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tattoo'd muse


I could lay on down again

Mess with the laughter in my head

Serenity sleeps with wishes

I keep on falling down again
Cacophony dwells on sounds

Still life paints me a bowl of fruit


Rushings of movement
Instil fears of transsexuality
Why do you face in me
Without a black and white twisted

Porno being
and fuk you

Insufferable intolerant whore
Another fuker without a life


Time to sit down boy
You drive in circles

Saintly tomorrow
I will haunt you
The one who




Oblivious to truth
Written with good intentions
In the mark of a muse

So wot u gunna say

I remember when
With you
I could kiss a prayer

If I beg forgiveness
Id blame me for the thousand years
Of drought and the darkest nights
Settle on the mists
Of yesterdays bygones

Could you look at me
If your eyes are sewn shut
Barbed tongues
Listen to me
Melt in the warmth
Get out of the way

Guttural tones emanate
Look away
Harken back to this
Here I am
Slapped into tomorrow

Lost and I feel
Do I want this
Do I know
What are you gunna say
Silent as whispers to the dead

I remember when
With you
I could kiss the dead

Sunday, September 18, 2011

the truth

Its behind these eyes that I see
the truth and lies that others cannot
As I hold my fist 
Knuckles turn white
With anger
As it's behind these eyes that I see
That, that others cannot

Vision is clear
Unhindered by vortexes of alibis 
Confused no more by lips that move
Phrases twisted to suit the author
Settled silently on ears that meddle
These eyes observe
The silent cues 
But tell their own stories
Of deceit
It's behind these eyes that I see 

The truth

Friday, September 9, 2011


Sorry peeps closed it too many fake id's n spammers that I had to keep blocking dont have time for that shit

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tears I cry leave scars on the Moon

In the aeons I have felt my heart cry
Begun from the lonely parting of the forgiven emptiness
Suffered at the hurried passing of time
In all the while each hand travels its journey unfeeling
Forever until the ends of this life lived

Yearning for the one unhad or unknown
Insufferable loss from the never knowing
Love that could have been if allowed to nurture
Taboo but for the dreams spun in the mists
While weavers hurriedly spin webs for others in the same plight

Aggrieved at the mournful nature of being the one
Suffering the loss of a piece of soul
A twin hewn as one in aged oak
Separated only by oceans in the breath of a sigh
These are the only tears I cry

Saturday, September 3, 2011

How ya gunna explain

Now watch it flow
As it spills upon ya
Gotta keep that look upon your face
You’ll never trust yourself
As you slip into the psychedelic

Its now Im not
And Ill never be
A patsy to your lies
You’ll never trust me
As the clouds close their eyes

They set the price to high?
This time they got it right
It will give me so much pleasure
You’ll never trust them
A look on angels wings mean you’ll die

Slam down a tequila or two
Upturn your glass on the bar
Stare down any mother fucker
I’ll never trust anyone
Four horsemen turn and walk away

Suckle on tit
For the pleasure of two
A cartridge less spent
Never trust never
The illusion is you

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sittin on the bench

Do you see me
Sitting here
Each day as you pass
While I draw on a smoke
N watch the day roll on by
Clouds cast there shadows
Rollin along the ground
Creating surreal landscapes
Of coloured hues

Do you see me
While Im watchin you
Rushin to get to the never ever
Forgetting a look to the side
Missing the flowers as the bloom
The way your heels click as they clack
Footfall upon cobblestones
Squishing the multitude of ants at your feet
While I draw on a smoke

While I draw on a smoke
I inhale your perfume
As you click clack by
Oblivious to me
So aware of you
Its Tuesday
You have your red dress on
I often wonder
Who you wear it for
While I sit here

As I sit
N while away my days
Till the never end
You and others
Shuffle on by
I often imagine
Who you are
N where your from
While I draw on a smoke

Friday, August 26, 2011

A life less pleasant

Allow me if you will
To dip your hands
Into the primal mess
That conditions my mind
To the visions less pleasant
From the outside
More so from the inside
As the dogs
Pack rape me
Fuking my insides out
Tearing me
Into new pieces of another mess
Yet it soothes
Peaceful washings of insufference
Beg you to question my indifference
To your mindless questioning
Of my pleasures of the other kind
That suffer and lurk
Pristine in my veins
Corpulent rushings
Teasing the unhappiness
From the fearful placing of lurking
Self medicating love places its kindness
Squarely on my frontal lobes
Ceases me from questioning
Why I wont be born again
Cleansed from the womb
Unlike the last time of passing
It would be of my own choosing
As my memories live in these veins
Blood runs red living at my feet
Snap of the fingers
Yet I live once again
As do you
You insufferable cunt
One by one I lie to my shame
As dark as my eyes
Viewing in the unseen
A penny for your denial
A I fucken spit
Loose teeth shatter
On the pavement
Severed skulls crack at my embrace
I wont pretend
Nor will I
Suffer at your insanity
Least it quell my insanity
Or is it normalcy
That is inherited
Running from the time of this life
As I choose to run with with this devil

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I hold deep

I hold your hand
In case you forget to breathe
Near me you feel my sturdiness
Feel your heart beating down

In these dreams
The light washes over and welcomes
Warms me in pleasing
Knowing Im alive

A look in the mirror
Beyond my reflection
I see what Ive become
Grown wings of gossamer and gold

Covered in this garb of plain
To see beyond
Is a joy to behold
Living beyond the ignorance

Tattoo’s a mirror
Pretty pictures that cover a soul
That burn with light
Radiating for those that see

If I can live with a smile
And warm a dreary day
I can leave you asleep
Leave and caress your cheek

A thousand bare footsteps
I’d make for you
If you’d ask
I lay down and die

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Its settled then?



Push my fingers through the inside of my skin

Lick the fingers clean

Essence of vanilla cream

On the inside

Now outside

Confession of a remember to forget

Kiss the tip of a cosmic regression

As a soul thirsts for the comic 

Smudged in nail polish

Scribbled in lipstick on the mirror

Painted on the bathroom walls

As the freaks point and 




Lacking in desire

Lusting for the honey pot

Clenched betwixt feted thighs

You can go and kiss your fucken goodbyes






Play the wicked 

As games played by the maestro

Kiss my shotgun

It ends for you

Settled quickly

On the roll of a dice

Does it have to be this way


Just let me stand still

As the world comes crashing in

Assaulted by the blur of life

Sometimes just let it stop


Allow me if you can

A moment to breathe in the space

Between then and now

So I can just fuck off from everyone


Transcendental curing succumb to peace of mind

Escaping in the blurred transitioning of literalism

Hyperbolic fabrications compressed by the medication of prescription

Let me suck your eyeballs out from the inside


Happy in dreamtime Im not

Let me spin inside my head

Fuck the colours living on the screen

Murderous intent while it moves


Stop and reflect on the mirages

Let me absorb the smells

As it winds and continues 

Just let it fucken stop


Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I wipe my hands on the finishing

Disturbed by the dirt 

I lost control of yesterday

Does any of this matter


Summer dreams blow on by

In the passing of a scream

I cast a glance over a shoulder

Does any of this mater


Drawing a long breath of sorrow

Stones are thrown to the middle

Ripples spread eloquently to the shore

Does any of this matter


Im gone as do my memories 

Long drawn out gazes to the visions

I wont let go till you leave

Does any of this matter


Bleeding until colour remains

A single lock the key

Dirt remains under nails

Does any of this matter