Thursday, August 30, 2012

Compassion without thought

I whisper the muses name

Silently I whisper

In silken dreams of the dead

Exhale a lasting breath

Solemnly rest my head


Empty eyes bereft of life

Tell tales of two lifetimes

Ignorance pleads a gift

Silent in its chimes


Waif like hands

Reaching for a gift of air

Wait for a second thought

Patient emptiness is simply not there


Gather in the shadows

Live between silver baroque reflections

A sigh is not a gasp

Impure in saintly reaction


Silently I kiss

A silken taste and bled

Inhaled upon the dirt

Listen to whats not said




Compassion without thought

Given a gift of life

I close my blackened eyes








Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A whisper in Jade

A whisper and a kiss as I say goodbye to the muse

A symphony of dragonflies
Drifting on the summer eve’s air
Crystal glimmers
On the sheen of filagree wings
Warm breath of summers song 
Eases the dark
Lifting from a forlorn heart
Slowly fingers caress the air
Trace the patterns of the dragonflies bliss
Memories drift in
Shifting on the wing
I can be at peace
If the world allows
Allow me to drink in natures kiss
A place I prefer to be left between
Not the one I now lie crestfallen in
To allow it all to begin again
To end it all would be to plunge this knife
Drift into the void of an easy life
And to live in paradise forever
Shadows hang in mischievous grins
To hide from the world screaming within
Try not to listen to the shouts begin
I shed a tear as the blade breaks skin
Vermillion stains my darkened hair
I gasp as my last glimpse is a dragons filagree wing

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Please forgive

I enshroud the muse with my shadow and hold my breathe

Colours of a thousand hues

Drawn from a world

Taken of a photograph in frozen time

Etching the subtle view

Of a heart woven askew

And a sky awash with hope in blue

I extend my hopes for you


Dreams scattered with sand

Caress the gently lapping waves

Hands entwined clasp

A soft lit lunar moon

As we all hope for a better touch 

I extend my heart for you


Blessed in fragments of silver

Marked in blood

Staining charcoal

The marble at our feet

While the wind

Carries the song of beats on the wing

And a fog marries in time

I extend my vision for you


While a glimpse in white

And a smile

And a crystalline drop almost shed

And an aspiration for it to be laid to rest

I extend my soul to you


Carry a gift

In a memory

Recessed in a single glimpse


As a whisper never uttered

I extend my love for you


Please forgive

Saturday, August 11, 2012

We don't live forever

A kiss to the muse as I pass this way

Hold my hand

I feel like dying

Stepping on a lifeless cloud

Shimmy towards a ceaseless end


Enough of this carousel

Ringing around and around


Borrow a sultans kiss

Purchase a gift 

Seethe the lifeless

Curtsey at an awkward premise

Once upon a time 

sing song

Its really hard to do


Wash away that fears

Cast away that which makes those tears

Wash away

Cast away 



Shadows have feelings

Bitten in two 

Let blood caress 

Silken lips


Walk with me 

While I die


Slip in your wake

Bask in a life that was

Washed in gold

Dreamt in a sleep

Would you believe

If I told you

We don't live forever


Memories do

Saturday, August 4, 2012

sarà tuo il mio ultimo bacio? Will my last kiss be yours

Thank you Maddy for the translation

The muse shows me the choice I have

In vita (in life)


Am I but a lie in your presence

Ignorant of a trespassers kiss

Yet, I bleed from my eyes

Tears of vermillion

Smudged ruby, blackening a face

Of alabaster dreaming


Can such as this be endured

Rested on a bosom 

Pierced through a heart


Feathers caress the air, in a flight 

Of angels, chorusing salvation


Nella morte (in death)


Silent breath kisses a soul

Such as this 

Yet a single strand of hair

Will garrote a neck as lithe 


Chaste lain bare


Ask me in a lasting breath of forever

Did you love me?



Shadows remain in your presence

On a wall

Marked in silhouette

Of a past love


Lacking the celibacy of a prostitute

Healing a wanton soul

For a tinkle of ivory stars

You where never mine

As I was yours


Messages in code

Blanket the night 

Delicate, in secrecy

For others have ears 

As Diablo has eyes


And for you

My lasting breath


sarà tuo il mio ultimo bacio?

Will my last kiss be yours

Friday, August 3, 2012


Shall we dance my muse

Dirty visions look skyward

Let the reanimate caress fingers


Kiss me sideways


Purple memories blink in unison

Over an empty grave

Headstone reads in your name

Joyless cardboard covers less

Autumn blizzards

Feathers required

Hum in cathartic movement 

Haemorrhage from open eyes




Tracked on record


Hardly death when a shadow refuses to move

Lay in a whitened mask

Lipstick smudged

Dragons breath seeps from restless lips






Drawn to an indignant uncertainty

Level headed I bless you not

Ravens blend in circles

Tattoo’d psalms read across a liars face

Swollen tongues


Lessened dreams


Id fuck you

Trace a cross across a breast

Seeking indifference

With a rock clasped tight



Fuck you now


Rape a blade drawing blood





Congealing tomorrows 

Another weep upon a grave


Id never forgive you

If you cum