Saturday, October 29, 2011

Don't call my name

Feeding off the black

As it flows from my loneliness

Devoured on a leopards heart

Gorged before midnight

On the promises of lies

Left in the memory of you

A single breathe away

Liquid in lies

Touched in torment

Of grief

Splattered around these pictures

Spread upon the floors

Tearing at my knees

Broke down and wasted

Face down I give

You my heart

Served on a bed of roses

Thorns pricked in the blood of sin

Take a shot

You could never



Open eyes

Stare remorseful


In the tones of serious

Goblets of pure

Drink in the need


Hands touch the bricks


My world

From your grip

I watch you slip

Monday, October 24, 2011

whisper goodbye

Never ending cascading waves caress the bejeweled

Silent moons reflect yesterdays tears shimmering on their journey

Faraway lights glisten in the glimmer of dreams cupped in warm hands

I close my eyes and wish to sleep forever on clouds of vermillion

As you bend and kiss my brow with your ruby red lips leaving your soul

The beat of this heart ceases to be when left in the care of another

Suns shine and rise in each mornings breath failing to melt the dew

Each day is a promise Ive lived in forever of you

In return the mirror shatters sharding the pieces to the winds of four

Trapped in an eternal embrace of ambivalent tones

This knife plunges deep to end this timeline and whisper goodbye

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Slipping in the dreams that are much maligned

Soothing as the reflective candle flickers

Eloquently wrapped in angles wing

My kisses make you bring

Suffragettes dressed in dour splendor

Fingers delivers oblique touch

Soothing found in midnights playground

I kiss your mind as it delivers relief

Look deep lest it brings pain

Wallowed in serene

Calloused be thy shy misgivings

Taste me one more time

Live inside

Delve inside

Play inside

See what your dreams become

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sinful purpose

Captured by a moment in time

As a feather embraces your heart

A bead of sweat rolls gently down

The curvature of your breast

Rocked only by the gentle pulse

And short sharp breaths

Pausing to rest on your firm nipple

Before my tongue rescues it from its trek

Fingers caress softly

Well moistened from exploring

Undulating thighs encourage progress

A soft moan escapes sweet pursed lips

You raise to meet love

Pleasured in expectation

Pupils dilated with erotic desires

Meet in final purpose

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A word

Split in the heart

Formed of two separate

Defined in form

Of lives lived

Less than normal

One of shimmer

One of life's ink

A shadows cast

Is another’s refuge

Struggle within the whole

Purpose out of function

Derives sanctuary

Hopes for permanence

As one nurtures

One devours light

Yet both live within

Share the vessel

Control of mind

A smile

A grimace

A thought

A word

Friday, October 7, 2011

Slip in the vision


Of the bubble


From the depth of the flute


In gold

Light captures the contours

Penetrating this skin

Crazy patterns

Disguise the bit

The colour of my spit

Melts the paint

From the sidewalk

Silver barbiturates

Gasp in the mirrors

Of attraction

Shoot them up

This stories a joke

Without a consuming

I aint loosing

Flow in this jam

Slick on me brother

Turn another trick on the loose

B cup dont impress me

When I got 2 cups to hold

I am alive

Drink in the copious

Absorb passion

Let the sun

Kiss my face

Move on

Dripping whiskey

Inhale on the acrid

Red tipped cigarette

Breathe dragons fire

On the exhale

Footfalls scuff

Well worn soles

Silver tipped

Cowboy boots

Squint into the sun

Retain a focus

Of what has become

From the best of me

Essence of kewl

Dressed so silently

Draw another

Absorb another side of me

And exhale

Damnation years

Served in toil

Wear the scars well

Every mark tells a story

Hesitate on the apology

No one ever looks at me

A draw on the end

I tip my hat

Throw my cigarette to the sea



In the love and the hate


Upon your chest

Layered in the braille

Fingers swiftly caress



Deep seated emotions

Hidden from view

Door closed on all

Shown to the complete

On the whim of a disease

Its all blown away

A single piece


Secured from view

Held in the corner of my world

A small piece

Of you

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sideshow of fear

Velveteen laden rooms covered in mirrors

Festooned facades herald the malformed

Welcome to the rebirth of the unfortunate

Buy a ticket for the freak show


Living disfigurement paraded for one and all

Punters that look on in belief of the fortunate few

Gothic crackling’s permeate surrounding air

There is no Snow White here in this refraction


Brought in upon the second face 

Unsounded beauty tests inner souls

Dare to look beyond kaleidoscope of coloured iris

Will they lay with her tonight or any night?


Majestic as the freaks on the stage

Life less choosing as the one deserved

Carried as a bastardization of a lesser being

Care to look at the reflection of me and you?