Saturday, January 10, 2015



I am not you

You nor me

Two lives lived

Diverging pathways

Intertwined in separate lifetimes

Meeting as a glimpse in this

A passing in that


Cherished be this meeting of souls

For it be lost again

Until the next passing 

Not remembered in the last

But known as a feeling

A memory forgotten

Sensed on the drift of the stars

Only a memory


Cherish time spent as this will pass

Time erases yesterday

Hurt erases tomorrow

A cut on a slender wrist

Only reminds of what has been

Yet lingers as a gentle reminder 

Of the two who loved 



A heart wrapped slender in barbed desire

A trick of words spilt on wonton tongue

Half truths and denial litter sentences that mean nothing

Left to rot amongst the discarded souls


Little left for the eye to imagine 

A life lived in hateful shadows

Ruminates upon reliving again

Scars that envelope a hearts living


Breath for the self sustains only a single heartbeat

Little else grows in a life less filled with sun

Cut out and again in an breath of one

Hurt is filled in the one less loved


Growth is suppressed as a step is backwards

Into the shadow of the lightless sun

Actions that cut scarring new skin

I close my eyes wishing to cease seeing