Friday, September 30, 2011

We will

The bitch sings love sonnets softly in the rain
Choice is yours if you listen
Its your decision

No one would blame you if you changed
Chance fleets quickly
Its come and gone

Feed the fire that burns in song
No blame to say its over
Its your decision

Cleared in overborne afterthought
Feed the blame
Spurring you on

No one would bend to pick the compassionate
Say to me its over
Its over

All these demons

Captured in a reflection
I ask is everything going to be okay?
Its spoken into the light

Swallow these thoughts
I ask is it all going to be alright?
You have found me

Love dances slowly
I think Ive missed again

Can I feel anything?
Just the arms of loneliness

Look to the bottom of a glass
Taste the pills and the butterflies

Facetted in a diamonds face
I could never see again

Held in my hand
Should I apologise?
Warmth into my lungs

Secrets caress my chest
Can it all make sense somehow?
Its meant for this life

I lie awake dying

Cross legged sitting upon the floor
Contemplating my happiness of before
Between my fingers I hold my tomorrow
A bullet with my name
Shaped in the syringe that protrudes from my vein
Memories coagulate spreading their blood on the floor
Visions spinning haphazardly
As the demons sing in latin
Caressing my shoulders as I look in to the fires of blue
Friends cast off like discarded clothes as we bathe in the rivers
A final cleansing before I die
Do you want to die too?
Sit in my shadow and glisten as water heals
As this soul suffers in silence
Lips sewn shut yet I hear the silent screams of my own torment
The things Ive done that you wont
Blister the paint from the walls
Is all that we hold
Is all that we believe
For the ungodliness remains
Tarnished in the unbeauty that the sunrise begins
For fuck sake turn to the sun and hold the moon in vain
And all I ask of you is to throw the final sod into my grave
As a whisper will show all that is forgiven
Mouthing nothings as the sentences fail to form
Breath the stain from my nostrils
As the its all passed in the blink of an eye

Monday, September 26, 2011


Let me drift
If I can
Borne on the waters
Of this life

Meander if you will
As it pleases
Drift to another sign
Restful of this life

Waft life as a feather
I will
Follow another reflow
At peace with this life

Carried as a care with no doubt
Unsullied as the breeze
Delivers me to you
Upon the goodness of our soul

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tattoo'd muse


I could lay on down again

Mess with the laughter in my head

Serenity sleeps with wishes

I keep on falling down again
Cacophony dwells on sounds

Still life paints me a bowl of fruit


Rushings of movement
Instil fears of transsexuality
Why do you face in me
Without a black and white twisted

Porno being
and fuk you

Insufferable intolerant whore
Another fuker without a life


Time to sit down boy
You drive in circles

Saintly tomorrow
I will haunt you
The one who




Oblivious to truth
Written with good intentions
In the mark of a muse

So wot u gunna say

I remember when
With you
I could kiss a prayer

If I beg forgiveness
Id blame me for the thousand years
Of drought and the darkest nights
Settle on the mists
Of yesterdays bygones

Could you look at me
If your eyes are sewn shut
Barbed tongues
Listen to me
Melt in the warmth
Get out of the way

Guttural tones emanate
Look away
Harken back to this
Here I am
Slapped into tomorrow

Lost and I feel
Do I want this
Do I know
What are you gunna say
Silent as whispers to the dead

I remember when
With you
I could kiss the dead

Sunday, September 18, 2011

the truth

Its behind these eyes that I see
the truth and lies that others cannot
As I hold my fist 
Knuckles turn white
With anger
As it's behind these eyes that I see
That, that others cannot

Vision is clear
Unhindered by vortexes of alibis 
Confused no more by lips that move
Phrases twisted to suit the author
Settled silently on ears that meddle
These eyes observe
The silent cues 
But tell their own stories
Of deceit
It's behind these eyes that I see 

The truth

Friday, September 9, 2011


Sorry peeps closed it too many fake id's n spammers that I had to keep blocking dont have time for that shit

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tears I cry leave scars on the Moon

In the aeons I have felt my heart cry
Begun from the lonely parting of the forgiven emptiness
Suffered at the hurried passing of time
In all the while each hand travels its journey unfeeling
Forever until the ends of this life lived

Yearning for the one unhad or unknown
Insufferable loss from the never knowing
Love that could have been if allowed to nurture
Taboo but for the dreams spun in the mists
While weavers hurriedly spin webs for others in the same plight

Aggrieved at the mournful nature of being the one
Suffering the loss of a piece of soul
A twin hewn as one in aged oak
Separated only by oceans in the breath of a sigh
These are the only tears I cry

Saturday, September 3, 2011

How ya gunna explain

Now watch it flow
As it spills upon ya
Gotta keep that look upon your face
You’ll never trust yourself
As you slip into the psychedelic

Its now Im not
And Ill never be
A patsy to your lies
You’ll never trust me
As the clouds close their eyes

They set the price to high?
This time they got it right
It will give me so much pleasure
You’ll never trust them
A look on angels wings mean you’ll die

Slam down a tequila or two
Upturn your glass on the bar
Stare down any mother fucker
I’ll never trust anyone
Four horsemen turn and walk away

Suckle on tit
For the pleasure of two
A cartridge less spent
Never trust never
The illusion is you