Friday, May 25, 2012

A lack of colour

I ask the muse to keep me warm

Siting in a puddle of rain 

I smile at the sunshine 

As my dreams go washing down the drain


In another failed romance

Another failed chance at life

The doors are closed 

As my hopes begin to slide

I lift the bottle to wash away my pride


A signature scribbled in haste

Signs away another life

I swig and I swill

Erasing the pain and the memories

Engraved in another tattoo


Listen to the music that no-one else hears

I dance alone to my own fractured demons

As the passer by’s ignore another has been

Left on the boardwalk on the road to damnation

I see them but they don't see me


Glistening on the truth

Left to make my own roads

I strike and light another tattered cigarette 

Squint as I look to the city of the darkened losers

Pull the collar up of the Op shop leather jacket

Warn by another with similar hopes and dreams


If I could have walked away

I think I would have by now

Its not just another bad week

Im caught in my own little circle

I rain down and strangle the neck of another bottle


I live in my own personal asylum

Where I protect those from my own personal ache

I can see the despised living in the shadows in my head

Linger in the absence of the colours of the thunderolls

And kiss the blackness as it cascades down my cheek


Im still sitting in the puddle

Im still smiling at the sun

I cannot ignore the truth that lies in a broken heart at my feet

Spilling down the drain

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Faded curtains

The muse shares a memory

Erased from this are the mistakes 

Inscribed on my wrist is your name

One thousand heartbeats held in silk


Its always about the little things 

Drink in the hope that gets you down

Life is not embraced in chains


Simplify the beginnings that are pulsed in a seminal flow

We are changing the windows forgotten on the frame

Im not so far away living in the shadows cast in variances of grey


Solitude populated in the songs sailing through my head

Hauntingly a butterfly winged in black shifts a memory

Somebody told me today I missed a tear


Covered are the emotions of different faces

Lived out in the night

Lived out in the rain


To say I kissed a lipstick stained collar

To say I dreamt of you today

To say I had a lot to say

Left to the breeze ruffling the faded curtains 

I just wanted to say.....


Im sorry

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Is this the most beautiful suicide?

I ask the muse to hold my hand 

Ive never seen a river of bridges

Bespeckeled in jewels of the moon

Sailing crestfallen floating crimson tides 

Voyaged of the sanguined dispositions

Deposited on harliquined kisses

Shoulder in on the cusp of a wave


If a dream could have its time before and again

Do you think it would choose this tomorrow 

Resting on the unspoken laurels of a reddened yesterday

I feel in the wishes what belongs in the stars and the moon

Spoken in colours of destiny and believe there is no other to choose

If summers could hold a hand and cherish these things that lead unto

Don't take the time to believe that futures spin haphazardly into crystal

And walk into the shadows as one burnt onto a new stream soaked in a glisten


Its at this time you don't have to be alone


Into the inconsequential

A single tear is born

Glance into the refraction that serves as a mirror


Crestfallen a soul carries the feathers deposited by those who flew before

Now walk remorseful among those of the with eyes unseeing

Whose feet cradle the shit in vanity rested on the chin

Is this a need that makes questions better 

Or an excuse left hanging on a window


Wrapped in sheets of velvet smoothed of the creases of a life

Lived in the sounds of a cacophony of sorries and blame


I loved all your cares

I lived all your sounds


Simple things tattoo’d on the palms of a hand

We kissed the razors edge

Wished the moon and stars


Goodbye sung on the wings of a butterflies peace of change

Is this the most beautiful suicide?

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Then you lie

How do you tell the muse its over?

Suffer these petulant shadows as they roll down in the half dimmed hallway following my every move as silken light falls from between my fingers staining my well worn levi’s in patches of iridescent incantations leaving worms to burrow into my knees burnt in criss crossed burdens from the smoke that drifts from the Frey the bringer of a sodden undercurrent in aqua and teal spread in a creep and fall rolling down the tears that expend it all in the mirth of guns that birth and pray in a bowl of filth that the dogs of war lap from a saucer of milk left for the witches cats sickening in a brazen hope that befalls when I come to you and paint an oblique disguise on this mask that hides mystic lies drudged in the cold outside of the window left ajar as the breeze settles on ashen temples scattered in broken remnants of temples cast in a bringer of wings singed in brass less oxidised in a reminiscent honeysuckle I smelt the day before yesterday brought about the need for my death


A kiss on the lips is more of an afterthought 


I kiss


And move on