Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sittin on the bench

Do you see me
Sitting here
Each day as you pass
While I draw on a smoke
N watch the day roll on by
Clouds cast there shadows
Rollin along the ground
Creating surreal landscapes
Of coloured hues

Do you see me
While Im watchin you
Rushin to get to the never ever
Forgetting a look to the side
Missing the flowers as the bloom
The way your heels click as they clack
Footfall upon cobblestones
Squishing the multitude of ants at your feet
While I draw on a smoke

While I draw on a smoke
I inhale your perfume
As you click clack by
Oblivious to me
So aware of you
Its Tuesday
You have your red dress on
I often wonder
Who you wear it for
While I sit here

As I sit
N while away my days
Till the never end
You and others
Shuffle on by
I often imagine
Who you are
N where your from
While I draw on a smoke

Friday, August 26, 2011

A life less pleasant

Allow me if you will
To dip your hands
Into the primal mess
That conditions my mind
To the visions less pleasant
From the outside
More so from the inside
As the dogs
Pack rape me
Fuking my insides out
Tearing me
Into new pieces of another mess
Yet it soothes
Peaceful washings of insufference
Beg you to question my indifference
To your mindless questioning
Of my pleasures of the other kind
That suffer and lurk
Pristine in my veins
Corpulent rushings
Teasing the unhappiness
From the fearful placing of lurking
Self medicating love places its kindness
Squarely on my frontal lobes
Ceases me from questioning
Why I wont be born again
Cleansed from the womb
Unlike the last time of passing
It would be of my own choosing
As my memories live in these veins
Blood runs red living at my feet
Snap of the fingers
Yet I live once again
As do you
You insufferable cunt
One by one I lie to my shame
As dark as my eyes
Viewing in the unseen
A penny for your denial
A I fucken spit
Loose teeth shatter
On the pavement
Severed skulls crack at my embrace
I wont pretend
Nor will I
Suffer at your insanity
Least it quell my insanity
Or is it normalcy
That is inherited
Running from the time of this life
As I choose to run with with this devil

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I hold deep

I hold your hand
In case you forget to breathe
Near me you feel my sturdiness
Feel your heart beating down

In these dreams
The light washes over and welcomes
Warms me in pleasing
Knowing Im alive

A look in the mirror
Beyond my reflection
I see what Ive become
Grown wings of gossamer and gold

Covered in this garb of plain
To see beyond
Is a joy to behold
Living beyond the ignorance

Tattoo’s a mirror
Pretty pictures that cover a soul
That burn with light
Radiating for those that see

If I can live with a smile
And warm a dreary day
I can leave you asleep
Leave and caress your cheek

A thousand bare footsteps
I’d make for you
If you’d ask
I lay down and die

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Its settled then?



Push my fingers through the inside of my skin

Lick the fingers clean

Essence of vanilla cream

On the inside

Now outside

Confession of a remember to forget

Kiss the tip of a cosmic regression

As a soul thirsts for the comic 

Smudged in nail polish

Scribbled in lipstick on the mirror

Painted on the bathroom walls

As the freaks point and 




Lacking in desire

Lusting for the honey pot

Clenched betwixt feted thighs

You can go and kiss your fucken goodbyes






Play the wicked 

As games played by the maestro

Kiss my shotgun

It ends for you

Settled quickly

On the roll of a dice

Does it have to be this way


Just let me stand still

As the world comes crashing in

Assaulted by the blur of life

Sometimes just let it stop


Allow me if you can

A moment to breathe in the space

Between then and now

So I can just fuck off from everyone


Transcendental curing succumb to peace of mind

Escaping in the blurred transitioning of literalism

Hyperbolic fabrications compressed by the medication of prescription

Let me suck your eyeballs out from the inside


Happy in dreamtime Im not

Let me spin inside my head

Fuck the colours living on the screen

Murderous intent while it moves


Stop and reflect on the mirages

Let me absorb the smells

As it winds and continues 

Just let it fucken stop


Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I wipe my hands on the finishing

Disturbed by the dirt 

I lost control of yesterday

Does any of this matter


Summer dreams blow on by

In the passing of a scream

I cast a glance over a shoulder

Does any of this mater


Drawing a long breath of sorrow

Stones are thrown to the middle

Ripples spread eloquently to the shore

Does any of this matter


Im gone as do my memories 

Long drawn out gazes to the visions

I wont let go till you leave

Does any of this matter


Bleeding until colour remains

A single lock the key

Dirt remains under nails

Does any of this matter

Someone say goodbye

Drifting down from the ceiling

I see habits dying hard

Separated by the latticed fences

Entwined with the bramble rose

Not a single hope sprouts

In the infertile nebulous

Before its crushed underfoot

Spat innocuously as a fetid piece of gristle

Landing ingloriously

Devoured by the one eyed rodents

Feasting on the discards

Of habitual wastes


See me dying

Kiss my forehead

Say goodbye

Someone say goodbye


Hastily adjourned before the beginning

Nothing breeds contempt 

Feelings that are restrained

Offended by the lack of breeding

Callously delivering abortive foetuses

Grossly malformed

Written in disfigured sentences

Upon the corpse of delivering 

In indian ink quilled by a single thorn

Struck from the rambling

Penned by a passing

Ill-informed in the jestering


See me dying

Kiss my lips

Say goodbye

I cant die anymore

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sing in the juggling

Walk these streets

One foot in front of the other

Treading in these old pre holed shoes

Feelin the moisture creepin in as my feet squelch in tune

Shadows cast littered into the gutter

Dwell on the living as the poor continue to suffer

I get vertigo looking up

See the ladder a mans gotta climb

To get the screws he deserves

Colliding with those in propriety and three legged dogs

As they bow wow wow

Mumma dont look at me now


Fair haired boys wrapped in ties

Surf the electronic instead of the waves

Chasing the dollar and not the dreams

That their daddy would have craved

Slipped in silver licked on an envelope

Placid like we deserve

Dipped in mainstream collective thoughts

Dreams benign reflective of the curve

Haphazard maelstroms dictate pure thought

Synapsis align in threes

Look to the ground

The earth

Where from we rise

And are placed upon reserve

Friday, August 5, 2011








Beside you

In severed 

In response

My blood litters

These pages

Of remorse


On the fringe

Eyes closed






In another bad daydream

Of forgotten



Characters drawn

Haphazardly on these four walls


Scratched finely

Under the chair

To which you perched





What I should have seen coming

That out of love befell