Sunday, July 31, 2011

Shelter me from the rain

As the bottom drops out
Of the alley you live in
The place that you breathe in
Live in your essence
Capture the regression
Seedy on this side of life
Shelter me from the rain

Subtonic diversions
Carry the screams internal
Its your eyes that tell
Day to day
Shelter me from the rain

Hear you story
On ears that bleed
A mind that seethes
Voices that whisper
Blackened curs
Stench fed teeth
Shelter me from the rain

Im your brother
One you loved
But you cast aside
As the blood
Blackens your palm
Shelter me from the rain

Friday, July 29, 2011


Cleared in my visions
Looking for tomorrow
As if its been lived once before
But we both know
That cannot be true
In the excuse
That tallies on the edge
Of another forgotten truth
Spreading false images
Painted in charcoal
Upon the looking glass
That is love
That is hope
That is my dreams
Of a poor man
Of a loved man that changed
Best forgotten
Don't task me why
Hesitate in the lack
Of air that I breathe
Some semblance
Of a positive
That I bleed
Hearing voices
In a different tongue
I cannot explain
Why the trees bleed blood
And stars colour these veins
I must confess
I forget to swim

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I hold a silence

Leave with me
Flow along the seas
Blessed in forgiveness
For those that need comfort

I hold a single rose
As my tears blend
With the subtle perfume
Where pain is only found

Heartfelt and true
A cry for those not forgotten
Something must change
As my eyes bare my soul

Nothing more valued
Than thoughts and forgiving
Swept with hushed words
Whispered on the breeze

Held in our memories
A beating heart yet stilled
In my blessings
I hold a silence

A word can lighten the darkest days

Sing you a serenade in gossamer
Listen to the birdsong
Minds dance through the fields of words
Resounded in mutual passions of the craft

An image picks a random dandelion
Purse of lips and blow
Sending a float of words from the muse
To be plucked from the air and spun

Flowing of ink spreads softly
Radiating visions in song
Captured from the moment
A need for stories to be sung from divided souls

From the place of a heartbeat
Echoes that need to understand
Captured in the here and now
A word can lighten the darkest days

I can rock you gently

I brush your hair wistfully
Longing for that gaze
Something that doesn't belong
For it may break into your dreams
Rupture the breathe of angels speak

Nervous lest I fall once again
I delve headlong into rebellious learnings
That have served me unwell in past entanglements
But learn I do not
For love is cast with blinkers of ruby and lead

Captured in teardrops of crystalline begging’s
I know I drink too much blurring realities
My air is captured in the bottle of somedays
Another broken wheel spinning through the roads of right and wrong
Leaving me here to ask for forgiveness of loves shattered remnants

All you ask is to be held
Made to feel like another ones been lost in the haze
Careful indulgences bring it to the blind
Stillborn before it begins its life in the void
Im still waiting here for you

Casting stones as I sit
Passing time
A look to the setting today
Blues turn to blacks in a lazy way
I can rock you gently
             if you want to be held

Friday, July 22, 2011

We all suffer in silence

Once again disbelieving
From the persecution
and Fear
This human being
Quibbles over ink
Fall into the shallow
As do selfishness
Over spoilt spoils
While others
and Sisters
and Fathers
To someone
In silence
As no one hears
Because the tv’s to loud
That damm neighbours dog
Did something wrong
to Them
The centre of all importance
To this
Their fragile little world
Yet around them
Humanity crumbles
Falls from view
Left to the few
That wake from the dream
They are humanity
As we all are
Yet if we dont
As is the will of this of this place
Are left
To suffer
The same fate
As those who suffer
From humanities
An ignorance
Of their own

Would you be my lover?

Caress me with a butterfly
Supple touches scan my skin
Burnish me with moonbeams on the softness my shoulders
Sheer luminosity washes tranquility upon my wholeness of being

Its with my eyes I found you today
Sunning myself in Paris
You basking in the streets of Rome
Transcending mere melodies delivered in a posy of hearts
Questions escape and transfix my lips

Would you be my lover?
If only for tomorrow
Not a single heartbeat
Would escape
From within this kiss
Compassionate to the muse
Drawing visions
In the fields of consciousness at the end of the rainbow

I only ask
Would you be my lover?

In the key of G

Loquacious little mindfuck
Plead for the lack of bread

Time will come
Suffer impurities


Razorblades over glass
Hang from chandeliers

Hollow earth shaking
Skies shooting rainbows


Crying milk
Spilt fuck

Satisfied for hope
Ringing in my ears


Storm clouds cumming
Foaming mouths


Bend down now
Kiss the ground

Reverberation mellows
In the key of G

Thursday, July 21, 2011


The world seems to be lacking in oxygen
Im grasping to breathe in two’s
Each draw more constrained than the last
The nature of this should be less exposed

I touch on anothers will
Placate the withdrawals breathing on my own
Grounded in substance less abused than before
Colder than the narrow yet sad once again

Harrowed into existence by the forgone conclusions of mind
Resting on the tip of exposed sentiments
Solitude breathes of sincerity best forgotten
Carry me away on the waves of the look you gave

Saturday, July 16, 2011

In this room

I swallow this sadness
As it lives in today
Envelopes me slowly
In layers
Washing slowly over me

There is nothing I can do
The heaviness hangs
Like thick curtains of shadows
That hung over the windows
Those blue windows
Where the paint peeled
Leaving little pieces on the floor
Those same windows
That where so dirty
I couldn't see tomorrow through them
I could hear the children playing
Why couldn't I
Couldn't I play with them?
The room was dark
There where no shadows
Yet they scratched on the walls
In the corners
On the ceilings
I don't think so
There eyes were red like rubies
But I couldn't see them
Hear them
I imagined their eyes
They kept me company
I sit
Here in the park
Coloured green
Its so green
I cannot see colours
Im blind
Blinded to the world
Hung heavy in sadness
Like the curtains
In this room

He sits alone

He sits
At the end of the bar
As he has
One hundred nights before
His whiskey and ice
Yet the ice melted
Two yesterdays ago
In a halo of smoke
From a butt end
That dares seem to burn
Dangling precariously
From his lips
Head bowed solemnly
On a hard wearing hand
On the side of an unshaven face
The hand
Mutterings escape those lips
Heard by the unseeing
A blur
To those that can hear
Words that appear to be in rhyme
Staring at the surface of scars
Eyes that have seen
Eyes that have been
Far too much
No one ventures
Into his space
As his world seems
So far away
So out of place

Friday, July 15, 2011

Maybe tomorrow

I dance with flames and poets at my feet
Raise the dust of forgotten memoirs
Stillness greets the laughter in the streets
What does this silence want from me

Relinquish all my timeless memories
The weight of heavy burdens collapse
As I walk behind the blind
Hardness still to be captured in time

As the autumn bleeds around me
I take apart the dust from the sorrow
Cast a look to the sign
Calls me to look behind tomorrow

Too feeble to call the tune
Embraced in razorblades of forgiveness
Should I wait for this fable to begin
As it waits right outside buried in the sand

Forevers love

In the calm
That befalls the dawn
Cover myself in dewdrops
As I wake from the night times sleep

Don't you worry
About the day
That belongs to you and me
As I will give you peace

As you rub yourself to get warm
Wipe the sleep from your eyes
Turn to me and smile
I see all the good in you

As the steam it rises
The sun it warms from the night before
Birdsong heralds
Colours the forming dawn

A kiss
So simple
Touches my cheek
Begins my day
As happiness is blessed in diamonds for tears
It times like these
I know that your the one
Blessed to spend my years

Death this life becomes

Slip into a chaotic coma of yesteryear
Swallow these pills of blue n green
Knives rain down piecing the eclectic
Spit n pound till someone hears my bellows of discontent
Jagged little memories cut the world in two
You take this and Ill take that
Sick little mutha fukers gunna take my three piece suit
Waste another breath on the surreptitious
Id rather waste you K%$T
Sleazy little time bomb just ticking away
Ive never been wrong as I lick your forehead
Taste the sweat of fear on liquorice quotas
Whiskey dreamtakers
Elevator rides to nowhere yet everywhere at once
Lick the shotgun before I discharge into your hello’s
Shakin hands
Shakin hearts
As long as the bitch had a good time
How would it make you feel
If I didnt cum
Touching my death against us
Cold n hard as it is crazy
Here I am
Engraved into my heart are the words in black ink
The colour of my blood
The colour of my love
The colour of the weeping heart tattoo on my sleeve
Death this life becomes

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Will the mourners cry.....

Skimmed in what seemed like eloquent years
A peace I can sleep on my own
A hum that brings the translucent clouds
Turn before they realise its rain

Settle on the mantle that slips my life
Dust of years gone by compounded
Remember what it means to live the price
Breath on the colours in my veins

Lulled by the daydreams of suppression
No one can hurt me in here

Tranquillised into regression



My eyes weep the souls of regret
As my fingers uncurl

As I look ........ the sky turns blue

Laying in a puddle of piss and shit
Death on my own decay

Will the mourners cry

Will you
For me

for the love of man

Scared remnants
Of bitter landscapes
Litter the mosaics
Of yesterdays halls
Twisted in their majesty
Sentinels to the damed
Sunken in the abyss of the dead

I tread on weary feet
On the shadows on fallen men
Sticking between my toes
On the mud of blood spilt
Fates that cannot be saved
Beyond the gods care

Breathe of the diseased
Dampen my enthuse
Tainting the air
In the lack of regard
For the future that roam
Seeking the love of man

Tired as I am
I seek
But not find
And continue to quest
In abandonment
Till all of my dying days
For the love of man

for the love of man

Scared remnants
Of bitter landscapes
Litter the mosaics
Of yesterdays halls
Twisted in their majesty
Sentinels to the damed
Sunken in the abyss of the dead

I tread on weary feet
On the shadows on fallen men
Sticking between my toes
On the mud of blood spilt
Fates that cannot be saved
Beyond the gods care

Breathe of the diseased
Dampen my enthuse
Tainting the air
In the lack of regard
For the future that roam
Seeking the love of man

Tired as I am
I seek
But not find
And continue to quest
In abandonment
Till all of my dying days
For the love of man

Friday, July 8, 2011

Dance with this devil

Lick this finger
With long lingering strokes of moistened tongue
Saliva glistening along the shaft
Your tongue persisting on the tip
Long drawn out passes
Warm to touch
Arousing longing urges
Dilated pupils raise to seek
Pleading to quench
Do you really wish to
Dance with this devil
Moving slowly in his playground

Its a new day

If I could colour you scarlet before the dawn
Surreptitious kisses fade into the sunrise
Never to be spoken again in the forevermore

Distant heartbeats herald the arrival of the colour blue
Iridescent visions of hope change the scene to a different view
Bring on the new day so our love can star anew

Silence is without a sound

No more unless we know
My tears will wear a frown
As silver washes away my life
Yet I make no sound
Its only natural
As life is so short
That I open my heart
And my eyes
See whats crashing around
Yet it makes no sound
The more or less we know
Will never satisfy
The pang that hollows
As the pain it grows
Tendril’d roots clasping into ground
Silent without a sound
Living this life
As only one knows best
The world moves faster
Lunatics laugh out loud
Believers pray to god
Hushed without sound
Falling into death
Collapsing all around
Sorrow takes a rainbow
Colours it in memories
Of green and cold
Its unquestionable
That we know
Silence is without a sound

In my own words

Slip my tongue along the silent edge of a knife
Watch as the crimson soaks the floor
Absolution lies in the darkness that lives in your eyes
All light is absorbed and no reflection given
Salvation is not given if there is no solution to this judgement

Scaffolded by the concrete and steel that frames this mind
Born of industry walking tall in the smokestacks that rape the sky
Silent sentinel fingers of hope that dream away the landscapes
Is there a need to understand the tangled abandonment that drips of sorrow
All I need is a moment to bleed on my own

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cruel Spell

For a thousand miles I’d dance a rockabilly of your mind
Fifteen women would sit n smoke n watch as the day went by
Cruise the strip with the top down and elbow propped
Smell the breeze from a black n white movie as the swing lays down
Cross the floor as the jive surrounds the pleasures of the time
Chilled n licked as the cherry pop bubbles n caresses
Snake finned Cadillacs slip n slide the golden snake
Poodles dip n dive as the deal with the devil lays her love on me
Slick haired boys strike another lucky boy as the mirror reflects slim picked vanities
This l’ll girls gunna be mine as she's laid a cruel spell on me

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bask in my thoughts

Draw the slender as the legs part
Sleep in the spatial as the wings enshroud
Disturbed as I might
Dogmatic handling my aborations
Piss ant queens of scurrilous innuendo
Quest a take on my nighttime emissions

Hold as I might onto this nightmare
A dozen shades of shit profess to know me
Let me bask in the needles
Coloured veins cast in the hue of a rainbow
Its all a dream made with fractured mirrors
Plastic refracted obscured by what will come

Hold as you might explode in the knowledge
Candles run blood as flames extinguish
Light refuses to escape intoxicated by my breath
Hollow in the pit of forgiveness as a time will come
Refuse to give a shallow embrace as my life touches you
Wake from my sleep and this violence is something obscene

Write your Story

Write your story in the sands
Ever shifting
Never real

Write your story on the window
As the light fades
You turn away

Ink sits a point the quill
Scratched upon the parchment
Etched for time
This time
As the sun it sets
For you

Write your story on my skin
Tattoo’d for life
But not eternity

Write your story on my hand
With your fingertip
Lasting for ever

Friday, July 1, 2011

Dance with me in the rain

Hold the sorrow close now
Alone and wonder why
I keep your smile in a pocket
Ill miss you when your gone

Listen with me for a while
Hear the heartbeats flitter on the wing
Wings that are broken fly no more
As a doves cry is not a song

Step into the melody
Come with me
Trust in me
Dance with me in the rain

Hold a raindrop between your finger
See your reflection obscured in the convex
See the world fall upside down
Watch it disappear

Catch another and see reality for what it is
As a child for the first time
Forever question what you hold
Is true and beyond belief

Dance with me in the rain
See tomorrows become todays
Dance the raindrops as they fall
On your smile for the first time in your life