Monday, April 29, 2013

Taste of the rusty blade

I rest in the bosom of the muse

The breeze carried the soft wish of melancholia 

When I thought of you now


At peace with my silence

I can bury you within my skin


A resemblance of honeysuckle is glistening on these memories

I close and withdraw


Let the sun warm

Let it warm


Internal I sense nothing of regret

Only that I never held you


Allow the cold gossamer sheen of winter to descend

Forgetfully the shadows of an angels wing covers the scars of time


Your eyes

Those eyes



Yes breathe


A single grain of sand engraved with my words of love for you

Cast me among the heavens as I learn to love alone



Aback I ride the red serpent slithering the moons

Taste of the scales born of the blood I shed


Forgetful I slip

And taste of the rusty blade

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sǽcula In mortis Sǽcula In vitam


Ego somniant Musa/ I dream of the muse

Eternally on my scared and vacant heart

You sleep with me


I never dreamt to be alone




Your eyes are a thousand miles from the sun

And the words that you lost



Chase as I do 

Emotions littered on the floor

Discarded as hopes and wishes

For another


As this funeral never ends

My shadow is along beside me

And the other

Remains silent 

As only one can be


I scratch my thoughts

Whispered in blood

Upon this postcard

Discordant of words

Discordant of heartbeats


A chance of letting go

Etched in a dozen kisses

Empaled of the stalks of a dozen roses

Thorns pricked of a dozen fingers


This blood leeches black

And stains the ground

In the ink of a tattoo’d heart

Quod me nutrit me destruit



In mortis



In vitam



In death



In life

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I sit and I wait in the shadows/ and the flames still dance reprise

I mourn the muse as she mourns me

Sunday morn

In the dawn

Cool brisk air

Still on the breeze

And I wait


Cup my hands

And blow

Between the thumbs



And I wait


The world goes about waking

I watch

From afar

Barely aware

Of my presence and theirs

And I wait


Dew glistens on a tear drop

The world refracted

In its essence


I watch 

And I wait


It should be soon

Yes soon

I drift in on the time

Counting the droplets in the fog

To pass the while

And I wait


Impressions left in shadows

Places where we had been 

In time

Left to last on a memory


And I wait


I know it will never be the same

How can it?

When you left on the dance of the flame

Our love 

In the forever


In the forever

Entangled in the shadows and mists

In the forever

In the last dance of a flame

Saturday, April 6, 2013

I dream to remember

In rest the muse opens my eyes

I have to breathe you in the shadows

Drinking my coffee in the mornings

Read the yesterdays as a glimpse

Discarded as the breeze from a breath

Memories go astray


Only colour I see is black

Painted on the sunset littered in gold


Several feathers lay beside

When you say you loved me


I try to remember what it was like

In the taste of whiskey on your lips

Stale cigarettes on my clothes

Sitting on a summer evening

Listening between the words



Fractals cascade disturbingly serene

Listen to the soundscapes

Shattered on several visions

Kiss me before the nightfall


Hand in hand walk into the night

Dive into jade eyes kissed into blue

Dance entwined as lovers


Love coated in hues of silver


Shed my skin

Allow madness in 

Runes tattoo’d a heart in solitude

Severed veins scared from rust

Born on blades


If love is what Im missing

I live without words

I weep several lifetimes

In a tattoo of an angel

Feathers engulfed in flames