Wednesday, March 30, 2011


But for a single moment
My reflection reveals its true self
It is unexpected
What I see of me
Is this what other see?

Colours of me show their various hues
Shaded liquid in the variance of disguise
Hiding the true purpose
Of the image shown
Shimmering over the lies

I reflect what I begin
Seen beyond the presentation
Charades and magic cast with mirrors
An illusion of thought 
Covering the illusion within

Friday, March 25, 2011


Hidden behind the mask
Of love and desire
I reach out

Blind to the fate 
That belies these feelings
I discover my heart

By my protective wings
I disguise the lust

Yet I reach within
Discover the broken dreams
We all have buried

I remove the mask
Of sadness and sorrow
As the silence screams

One true love
I have for you
Its within this being

It glows from false beginnings
Catalytic in its yearnings
Yet it must be

And as it must
It grows as a seed
As the mask shatters upon the floor

Judgement Day


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Step on outside your soul

Tell me what you see

What you feel

Before you fade away




Little more I can do

Before I plunge my knife in you



As the sun sets

Turn fast

The world has gone askew


Nails that grow out of time

Skin crawls

Casting no shadow

As I bask in the glow


Leave me

As the blackness falls

Uncovered in clothing



Twisted to swing in the breeze

Hanging by a thread

Naked in existence

Feed the hunger unbelieved 


Before you I stand

Here I will fall

I will fade

And be judged


I take a sip

From this cup

That is life


I shed a tear

A single tear

For it to fall


Slowly down

Slowly drown

In the grief



And bury



I draw a breath

Draw in deep

Least I draw no more


A picture of you

And of me



Empty walls

Bare naked

That surround




Yet soothing


In the womb

The same womb

That nurtured me


Still birth

Still life

Yet I drown

Friday, March 18, 2011

the gift

Crash the keys
Cacophony of melody
Screams through
Cutting knife like
Drawing the blood of life
Delivered reverberating
In an empty room
Shadows for company
Symphony of the blind
One to appreciate
Travels to madness

Kiss the Shadow

Kiss the hand
That caresses the frozen landscape
Colours the dead
In the shades of black
Another day in the living
As the memories are mere shadows
Will you keep on loving me
Even when Im gone

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Hang your kisses on a rainbow

And you heart upon the moon

Draw the one you love in close

They will leave far too soon


Listen to their confessions

Printed words upon a page

Paint me a postcard

Live a full life upon the stage


Speak to them in hushed whispers

Wake before the dawn

Share the morning sunrise

For soon they will be gone


Cherish each and every moment

If it where to be your last

Melt in each others memories

Share the dew drops from the same glass


Champagne coloured moonbeams

Wash across the land

Awake the world to new life

Its as if all this was planned


Tomorrow may be fading

But yesterdays yet been

I have you in a photograph

A beauty never seen


Hang your kisses on a rainbow

And you heart upon the moon

Wash away the teardrops

And close the door to his room

Monday, March 7, 2011

Walk on by ( a dance with normality)

Tattoos and self destruction
Will lead me to an early grave
As I plead with the bottom of this bottle
On the eve of my suicide

Faggot haired bitches
Ride the curb side seeking my attention 
Promise me pleasure in million ways
But theres only one way to my oblivion

Mainline straight its not in vain
My date is a dance with Persian princess
Colour me blind Im oblivious
To this date with destiny

Scream and fight 
Keep it straight within my head
As the suit dressed fuckers step over me
Im a god in life freaking obscenity

Dance a polka with the gypsies
Got to ride that horse on the merry go round
Stars shoot from the heavens
As you and others leave me lying on the ground

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I weep for loves lost I weep for those departed
I walk in my own shoes I walk to clear my soul
I smile at the warmth I smile at what could have been
I reach out for you I reach to hold your hand
I close my eyes to think  I close my eyes to hear
I contemplate my future I contemplate whats past
I listen to learn I listen to see
I remember past happiness I remember to not repeat
A thousand thoughts A thousand misgivings

Thursday, March 3, 2011


As the silence
Caresses your skin
Your breathe betrays
Yearning in your loins
As your hips rock
Invisible rhythm 
Lips part ever so slightly
Passing a silky moan
Subtle light
Casts exotic shadows
Fingers tease
Elongated touch
Night devours
Unbridled passions
Dreams evolve
Self pleasuring lust