Saturday, March 30, 2013

A cup of Sin

In kaleidoscopic visions I see the muse (drug fuked adulations)

Six of nine reflections


In time


Meanwhile I dance

Into the breeze

Holding a glass

Half filled with wine


Drown sorrows penciled on the wall

Crimson seeks a path 

From severed veins to a finger tip





Exercise some semblance of desire

Allow me a drink

Chance has me here

Two brings seven again

And drink


Drunk upon a sunset

Scatter me a scene

Too many blackbirds


Scarecrows in rhyme


Undefined and undeserving 

Never needed a swim



Simply a truth

Marked into silken skin


Fog laden breath

Crisp in the air

Silver clouds laced in Jade

Fails to choose

This is sin

Monday, March 25, 2013

And the flames still dance

She was my muse ….. once

She died you know

As I sit here watching the flames


The side walls of the chimney

The way flames have a way of leaping about

Seemingly with purpose

Yet chaotic at the same time


I miss her

A lot

As the drift of scented gum


On the cool of the crisp night air

Then dissipates

As though it or my words never existed

But I know they did

Like the flames

Continuing their endless dance


We touched our hearts forever

Or so we thought

Darkness enshrouds me now

Reaching in from behind

As the warmth from the fire 

Lights me in hues of red

Casting grotesque shadows on the walls

Impressions of demons

Well at least what I think they look like

Warming that which cannot be warmed anymore


I really believed

In forever


I tilt my head forward

And drift

Into memories

Into a lifetime

Questioning a life

Why Im now alone


Feeling a soft touch on my shoulder

An impression left on the rug

Wrapped around a soul

I know

No one is there

I know 

There never will be again

I know

Yet I can still believe


In love

I hold you

In love

I remember you

In love

It is forever


And the flames still dance

Friday, March 22, 2013

Clouds of Vermillion

I stand alone without the muse

Reflecting carousels dancing in the moonlight

As the harlequin gypsy colours a checkerboard sky

Simple words dance when spoken from a musing

Whisper me a love born of a serene heart 


Drawn in honey’d liquor lips of succulent choice

Dream in shadows of receding dawnscapes 

Slender is an arched back caressed by a golden tongue

Trace contours of love gifted on a dew coated skin


From the pillow we can watch the moon rise

Let me drift into obscure dreaminess

Imagination paints soundscapes in mother of pearl

Silent shadows cast memories of a time not forgotten


Forever be the Jester wearing a silken skin forever

Taste a glistening finger, wet, salty to the tongue

Yet our eyes shall meet in a pre dawn escapade

Let me glide the tip on this love forevermore




On clouds of Vermilion

Friday, March 1, 2013

I Slip & Drift away

Melancholia settles on the breast of the muse

Sever me from a dream

Bathe in the blood that has me jaded

Digression simplifies a melting of mind

Syllabic stress exemplifies my state

Checkered cries rest uneasy in my palms

I come to alleviate your pain

Instead I regress into satin skins wrapped in sorrows

And bury into a world of hate


Kiss my gently turning bruise in hazes of blue

Look beyond distressed malevolent harbingers of gold

Slow down and feel supple breast squeezed between lips

Tainted in singular vowels spaced within 

Insert a finger lubricated from the spit of a doubt

Clenched teeth from behind an escape, moan 

Given willingly, backs arch and give way to a Gypsies kiss


Chase me

Rape me

Let me

Look into the looking glass



Mirror this journey

Into oblivion





Black eyes reflect back the sorrow in today

A single thought drifts back to another day


Kissing me a single tear in jade

Relates to every word I said


I slip


Drift Away