Saturday, September 29, 2012

drink me a cyanide moonbeam

If only the muse could see me cry in the rain

drink me a cyanide moonbeam

while I sit here in the rain

delicate as a heartbeat 

i watch you 

and listen 

and share the last of the light

i cry

a lonely journey


in the rain

i cry a lonely journey

of silver embrace

of pallid remembrance

of watching from a distance

and stripping the dreams of this madman

dampened in the rain that matters little

to the heart that feels 

less of the loneliness

of one that has come into a life

as I watch


and cry

but no-one sees


in this

that I write

for you

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Drink it in

How can I please you muse, with a tear?

You know its been said

I can hear a thousand angels cry

As I blink looking into the evening sun

Say the words I never say

Kiss me like its the end of days

Bleed me several tears of silver dew 


Let it warm my face 

Caress my cheek on its forever travel

Drip in sincere crystalline focus

While a blemish last an hour

And a cry last a million years

Turn and allow the chatter bring

Sweet smiles to the face of the crowds


Drink it in

As the brand new day begins

Friday, September 14, 2012


With a cherished heart I gift the muse

Can I find

My peace of mind

Laying with the dead


If I try

Appease the soul

Listening in the whispers


Drinking words

As they fall upon a stage

In slivers of silver

And colours of the sun

Dreams blend mischievously

Into one


I listened

I wept

I drowned in the solitude

Cut my skin to pieces again


I drink the rust

Let it slip

Encrusted in fragments of tone

Cuts deep

Scaring my skin


Let it bleed

Let me bleed free


My sin stains the earth

Covered in butterflies


I breathe again

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A long day yet to begin

Should I ask the muse, why?

I draw long on that first cigarette of the day

The one that gets you heady

An excuse that its needed as you spin on the top

Just an observation on the presence of meaning

I don’t need to run with the pack today

Much needed sip of coffee draws the caffeine in

Fires several deadened synapsis

Killed in the last line of war

Or that whiskey bottle that lies on the floor

Several breathes are taken to expel the taste of licking the floor

Its cold down here surrounded by walls

Sitting in the corner of this dark grey room


Remember those first cold days 

Living in memories breeze 

Scratch a barely stubbled chin 

Dismissed as an afterthought in the blink of an eye

Whats the promise when Im going to die

Hell we all are

Scattering several cockroaches matched by ash drops 

Leaving me in my misery

Stains on the ceiling traced out in a sickly tapestry of a world less believing

Hold me and come close lest I freeze

Stick my fingers in my ears and see if I can fly

But these feelings pass on a whim 

Fucked if I will let you in

Probably just burn as the others have

The ones that Ive let in close

Seriously I pause as I light another smoke

Taste the heat on the back of my throat

Who was the first that felt slipped in my sin

Did I ever know love like this

Married to the sky dusted in shades of rudimentary black

Passed in a time forgot staring inanely at the walls 

Hoping it would wipe a remembrance like the spider as it crawls up the wall

In the hope of  a quick easy feed

What the fuck is this stench that passes these nostrils

Drenched in my own fetid refuse 

For I fail to live everyday

I have forgotten

How to wake in the morn

I have forgotten how to talk to another man

My lips stitched shut to keep the pressure within

But fuck it all Im dead within

I need to brew me up some more caffeine

Friday, September 7, 2012

In the sun

I let the memory heal and the muse watches on

I wear your masked melancholia

Like a second veiled skin


Through the souls of serene eyes

Let them weep



I see tomorrow

Though this day was the last

To hear the dying angels cry

A thousand broken sunsets

Silent screams of mercy 

Shine like crimson in the sun

Cryptic feathers hide the dreams

While Im awake


A look sideways

Tells the truth

Of a heart filled with dreams of a youth

And eyes

Filled with tears

Tell the bitter tales

Of a life unlived

And unloved


Hand her back the innocence 

Silken sweetened twilight

Of a shattered emptiness

Of a passing to the place

She wished to leave

Fluttered from the leaf in the wind

Marked in forever

Sacred ink

Drifted in illusions


We speak with the same voice

But one does not listen

To the sun

As it speaks in the halo of the stars

Silver reflections hide the shadow of the dark


Can leave us wanting

For the yesterday 

When words were left unsaid


If I lived your life of make believe

Choices would fall on golden horizons

I have lived your life 

As you have lived mine

Shattering the mirrors

In shards of distrust

Leaving the promises

On the lips of the queen

Quilted in treasures of dust


Intertwine our waists

Let it permeate in who we are

As I


Drink from a melody

Writing softly spoken imaginings

In the sky

Never to allow one wrong word

To let it all come crashing down


Enjoy the one last time

For it cannot last forever

Savour this time


In the sun

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bye darling goodbye

I dream the muse in a lesser place

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Stark horizons

Shadow’d the colour of a ravens wing


Melting fragments

Congeal in the cold night of day


Challenge this mind to a way of chromed edges

Criss crossing previous scarred journeys

Marked in time lengthways across a wrist

Split a tongue hither to a spoken word

Much maligned lick of this demons kiss


Less passed in the ways of melancholy

Drawing misshapen memories akin to marked skin

Enshroud the body in memories of a few

Chosen gowns worn as death marched weddings

Point out harlots candied in macabre reflections


Silent readings

Withdrawn within linger the marionettes strings


Murmured a call

Calloused hands breathe languished death


Moments taken to reflect awhile

Solace between the alabaster bricks

Shunned hands less raised

Slapped across a ruby’d cheek

Spittle tasted blood n gristle

Spat lest burn broken lips


Dusted shards

Obliterate obvious scars of yesterday


Shattered foresight

Placed in a vision of an extended tomorrow


Hypodermic dreams 

Carried within veins of crimson dread


Perfect sacrifice 

Forgotten in the breeze of a sin less forgiven


Heaven’d lace

Drunk through veils of cigarette smoke


Overshot overdose

I dream no more