Friday, June 29, 2012

In two voices

A serenade with Poppy Silver

Fell from the silence that is heard

Drop me into the dream below

We live as we breathe when we sleep


Skin is not bulletproof as a soul leaves quick

Burns it shape in the rising sun

And the hearts that we touch and share


Seeking shelter on the wrong side

Living on the tracks in the cover of a breeze

Giving up something you don't know


A simple pleasure

Written in smoke

A pen cast from stone

Ink blessed with rivers

And a change

Carried on the thoughts

Of a myriad of silken cries

Growing restless

In the crowd 


A soul searching for questions

Setting free

Making the world better


A sombre dance

Holding hands

Away from warm sands


Sunsets shall never fade

Placed inside the transcending 

Deserts are quenched through love that remains


Only words can heal the heart in times of constant rain

And there will be days to gather

In the time of a worn lost smile


Away from sin

A chance to live

Through flame new life begins 


In the blue it begins


A crooked path becomes a straight avenue

When innocence is reborn

Saturday, June 23, 2012

If I had a hope

I shield my eyes as the muse watches on

I stare into the sun

Wondering if theres one thing I will miss

Settle on a meaning less than pure

In good time silence will soothe this tragic heart


From these bloodied hands

I clutch these knives tinged in vermillion

Torn from the promises left to blame

Shadowed in a tormented and sacred confession 


Letting go of all these fears

Resonant the cascading of steel upon the hearthstone

Dreams that live in silence distort the reality

Left alone to stare into the sun again


Sing to me of the five songs of the minstrel

Chorused of hallelujah in the plain skin

A left hand open pointed to the earthen fall 

Rivers of blood soak into the thirsty soil


From beneath and above

A farthing rests upon its edge

Tipping neither this or that 

Resting on the sunlight coloured in grey

Friday, June 15, 2012

Lived in dreams

If I open my eyes will I see you muse for who you really are

Silver dust covered in a blade of darkness

Soothed in the back of a covered hand

A turn of lips kiss the colours of the coming dawn

Flash an imaginary sunset of souls on the cusp of a breeze of angels


Ill dream you in the fragrance of the frangipani

If you dream me awake from these shadows

Touching my cheek with your bosom blushed in peach

I shiver and open my eyes to the end of the coming of worlds


Confusion gifted in a blanket of leaves tinted in the seasons 

Startle my confession falling from the mouths of my innocence

On your crimson breath will you will carry all my tears

Stain your heart the colour of mine tainted in the ages


Merely a memory gazed in the cloud of your eyes

Drift away on the sentimentalities carried with me

Ashen need be the flames that flicker in the last light

And so beats the last gift of my life 


To you

In a dream

In a different light

All remains forgiven

Blessed eternal

A dim desire

A voice so softly


So bitter sweet

Into the ears of the dead

Lived in pantomime

Spun on a carousel

Turn and walk away

Dont you worry

Tomorrow will be the same

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Clearly I dream

The muse soothes my sweating brow

Paper cut trees silhouette the dawn

Shed shadows unforeseen on the drawn blades of grass

Minuet Ladybirds painted in scarlet and the depths of time

Fossicking in green drifts the lazy moonbeams

Patience treasures all that is born upon the earth

Lay my head softly lest it disturb the dead

Close these tired eyes and scan the insides for colours of red


I find that the candle shimmers in the passing of the precious light

One can only be given thrice in forgiveness of this love

Just in mocking I lay as one beneath the sun and stars 

Left to be as the pleasure flows through me

Sleep as I wake in these times

Waking the timid butterflies soaking in the tepid light

Separate faiths lay in burnt stained hands


Not so long ago when the sun was shining

Fragmented and refracted prisms of harlequin jade

Scattered upon the ceiling wicked dreams

Lucid in fantism of sallow affect

Purse my lips in the maelstrom

I blow the dust from my powdered palm

Alone I can remember your face


Clearly I remember

Clearly I recall

Clearly I hear your voice

Clearly I soothe in all

Clearly I forgive 

Clearly when looked upon in brazen light

Simply things marry

Clearly I dream when dead