Saturday, April 30, 2011

Held forever

The urge to kiss you
Is foremost in my mind
It will be a last kiss
A kiss goodbye

The urge to hold you
Embrace you in my arms
Feel your warmth
That one last time

To say those words
As they rest upon my lips
But my mouth wont open
Something holds it back

The best I can do is touch you
Fingers caress your checks
Light as a feather
Least I break you from your sleep

That sleep is now eternal
For you alone have chosen that path
A release from the pain and aguish
You held in your heart

Friday, April 29, 2011

A gift

Drink in the sweet musk
As my tongue sweeps
The essence of desire

Between thighs
Upon the breath

Rocking gently
A soft moan escapes parted lips
Back arched
Hedonistic pleasures cooed

Soft flicks
Delight in caressing the giver
Fingers moist within the parting
Explore tenderly

The play that precedes
Sharing of two souls
A gift
Spent in the raptures

Thoughts of reason

Scarlett heart beats
Crystalline teardrops
Remind me who I am

The future could not see at all
My heart moulded in clay
I trace a vein down my arm

Living though the wreckage
If I told the truth
Will you still be here

Sacrifices made like forgotten promises
I still feel empty
Half drunk bottle of sin

Arms embrace a reluctant memory
Lust entwined
Devour the warmth

Eyes trace the lines upon your face
Lies in every way
Tongues caress these lips

Im alive as your lust devours my love
Silken ribbons flutter in the air Im breathing
Let me rest awhile as I sit upon this chair

Empathetic Dreams of Men

Leverage your rhymes to take the space
Burning the inbetweens
Soaking up the falling souls
Lying about your existence
You couldn't feel if you wanted too

Trusting those who care least about your ambitions
Blindfolded against the hate
Manacled to protect them against you
Visions resplendid cast against the backdrop of intolerance
As heads bow pleading ignorance against chance

Cupped in a circle of tears
Drinking in the purity cannot cleanse the vulgar distractions
Acidic tongues spit venom scaring the sacred vestiges that remain
They bathe in the rivers of blood flowing among the bodies of the dammed
Lest they be dammed themselves

Ghostly mannequins figured in incredulous mistrust
Take a smile and twist it into inconsolable grief
Wrought by the hands of the forsaken
Chosen and discarded remnants from the dreams of men
Taken and stored as relics in a frozen heart

Monday, April 25, 2011


Inscription's adorn the tethered flesh
Morbid readings to those unversed
The tale be told of futures unbridled
If one where to read between the lines

Symbolism creates cathartic remonstration
Enduring ritualistic ceremonies for the pleasure of flesh
Permeating layers beneath layers
To live on beyond ones own death


To be truly at peace
Takes a sacrifice

An acceptance

Of ones own failings

Be they real
Or yet to be



To humankind

To the greater
That exists just beyond

The journey
That brings you
Face to face
With your own fears


Creating insecurities

Needing to be faced

To move beyond

Is a lifetime
Of journeys

Well worn

Or you
Cannot grow

You remain
An empty



Sunday, April 24, 2011


Don't look in the mirror
As your reflection
Is not looking at you

The answer will not come
From here
But its out there

Sooth this restless soul
When your by yourself
And you feel alone

To find this joy
Look inside
And you can change

A look in your eyes
Will tell me
What I need to now

Before these feelings
Take root for ever
Tell me you love me

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stare into the light

Ten to the rhyme
Remember the games we played
Don't ever walk away
Let all sinners rejoice
Throw the fuckers on the flame
Paint my reflection black
Trapped and tangled in the vines
This crown don't fit my head

Scarlet listenings hear the angels exploding
The sun trapped in a blue red halo
Yet the moon caresses the serpentine
Spittle spat forlornly amongst castigated fools
Blindfolded to the stark realities
Abound to the tortuous derivatives
A hand holds out fractured from the lunacy
Create separate musing to laugh at, at another time

Gaily be the joker caressing his frown
Gathering storms blow away the dead
I want to know what colour is the rainbow
Insipid flowers blossom where the river runs
Perched on the edge of nowhere watching the clocks roll away
Don't ignore me as the world evolves, revolves backwards
Make no allusions to me loosing myself in your sweet affliction
Just back off before I jump earthward alone

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lovers song

Wafting luxuriously
Through the leaves
Of the trees

Music of a tune
On the soft

Harmonious pleasures
Resonate passions

Two young lovers

Silken whispers
Progress the play
Hands questions hands
Allayed by that is darkness

Lips soon part
A quickness of breath
Love entwines
Within the musical hue

Dance it continues
Invisible tune
luminoso della luna

Good that is all
Comes to an end
Lovers glow
As the music ends

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Loves garden

I walk in my garden
Among the clutter
Littered in tombstones
Of loves
From yesterdays desires

As I step cautiously
Lest I disturb
Buried memories
Or trip
And fall
Among the broken hearts

My boots
With sullied tears
My clothing torn
From the thorns
Of loves discarded roses

Leaving the garden
I close the rusted gate
Broken on hinge and latch
Hoping never to return
Never to be again
Yet I know deep down I will

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Carnal Illusions

Serenade a dream
Least I fall from grace
The deceptive beauty
Likened to an alabaster peacock
Shimmering feathered eyes

Allow a way to be had
For yet the pleasure be mine
Or another's

Fingers drip
Lustful thoughts
From your tastes

From the aromas
Littering the breeze

Entering thoughts
Posse carnal illusions
Of conquests
Yet to be
Or lived

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Holding time

Time moves slowly
As two souls
In ritualistic embrace

Breath entwines with breath
In time

Sharing of hearts
And of beats
A rhythm
Four to the bar

As I see
Through your eyes
And you
Through mine

Shared love
And the making
Will cease
All hands
In time

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

On the wing

On the cards
Dealt before me
Needing to be twisted
From this hand

Unpraised glories
Forever entwined
In the immaculate conceptions
Spewing forth
Like gravy from the swarm

Yet to be or woken
Highly aroused
In place of worldly pleasures
Gathered for harvest
Blood drips from every word

Passive pre-existence
Calibrates the very notion
Of the existence of man
Carried forth
On the breath of a sin

Monday, April 11, 2011

Withering Blooms

I am naked
From untold yesterdays

As pieces of me
Litter the tomorrows
Of our daydreams

Forged upon the tongues
Of demons
Scattered as seeds
Upon the conscience
Of those serene

As I laugh
At those infected
And pity those
Who prophesies
At the alter

Gathering storm clouds
Arrange the melancholy
Addressed as our saviours

Don't waste your tears
On the insanity
Of the second chance

Fingers of light
Address the yet born future
Colouring the beating hearts
Scarlet from the withering blooms

Friday, April 8, 2011

In the Evermore

Blessed be
Those that dance at the funeral
Kissing their sorrows to the yesterday

Mournful be the serenading harlequin
Slipping on
Masks of forgotten memories

Tasting the tranquil souls
Restful on the summer breeze
Finding a place in an open heart

Thinking why
Heaven doesn't live forever
As each tear dies on the vine

Broken promises
Of a broken man
Left in pieces on an open page

Come and sleep
Be it in the longest night
Close those open eyes now

For the evermore

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Passing Whispers

In the blue of evenings glow
I stand and wait

Talk to a multitude of strangers
Passing on their way to nowhere

Lost in the passing somehow
Another shade in the shadow

I could touch a heart
If they would allow

Be still the passersby
As they rush to tomorrow

Clutching all that is beautiful
In my hand a whisper

For the one who will listen
Change a daydream for you

Monday, April 4, 2011


From across the seas
It floats on the breeze
Drifts in currents unseen
As light as a feather
Its carried from you to me
A message unlike any other
As soft as a kiss
Like a gift
From mother to newborn child
Full of love and understanding
Passion and meaning
Yet to be unwrapped
By the receiver
The giver is unknown
Perhaps in a dream
Im sure I did see you
If only a glimpse
I draw the image
Of beauty unseen

And now in Italian, thank you to Maddy for the translation

Da attraverso i mari
Galleggia sulla brezza
Viaggia  in correnti invisibili
 Leggero come una piuma
Arrivato da te a me
Un messaggio diverso da ogni altro
Morbido come un bacio
Come un regalo
Da madre a neonato
Pieno di amore e di comprensione
Passione e significato
Ancora da aprire
Da chi l'ha ricevuto
Il donatore non è noto
Forse in un sogno
Sono sicuro ti ho vista
Con un solo assaggio
ho disegnato l'immagine
Di una bellezza invisibile