Monday, September 1, 2014

Life lived in the colour of a skin


Proudly displaying a heart worn sleeve
From the sun that rises discovering a dream
A mask that is worn bleeds acid and tears
Splattered on canvas a breath is believed
A thousand faces peer from beneath
Blindfold draws out an Angels scream
Pierce these hand from thorns of green
A mumble of words unheard by those unspoken
Silence bleeds vermillion scratchings left on a wall
My name is said in the evenings ache
It's taken seven lifetimes for me to awake

Sunday, August 31, 2014

A new path

Innocence stripped to the bone
Hounds circle smelling blood
Stench of an easy feed to taunting
Keeping their muzzles satiated
From the words that beckon derision

Two moons left to wain
A history of love and pain
Till one can weep no more
Casts it's shadow in the black that bleeds
No starlight to glimmer in a last refrain

Flames that cast no light
Never feeding the shadows that dance in the silence
Forever feeding the hounds that bay
And the others shallow lives living their own merger existence
Not even the jester laughs but mourns 

Healing touch to walk alone in the black
Seeking light emanating from a future yet to be
Hope lives in the air that's breathed
Love lies in a life rejected
A key is held by both who walk together


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

In the sweet arms

Im walking blind 

As I try to breathe

Live in your breath

Allowing me to understand

As I hold your hand


Nothing can stop the bleed

Emanating from the open wound

Distant memories

Clouded in shadows

Clouded in memories


I can only walk in the sun

If you allow tomorrows breath upon your hair

Knowing Ill be there in your shadow

Ready to catch the fall 

As it screams a new voice


Watch you plant a garden 

Watch the daffodils grow

Living in the new growth begun

Ready in this life

To begin again

In the sweet arms of a child

© 2014 Adrian AIDZ Giannini



Friday, August 22, 2014

Life remains the same

A Friday night 
As any other 
The souls drift on 
The tales told a thousand fold
Exaggerated for the listening few
Shadows lick the smoke stained walls
Stained with the memories of all who speak
Light turns to night 
Clientele the same
A thousand different collars
The stories all the same
I drift n smoke the shadows
On the same Friday nightly stem to the jukeboxes last refrain 
Chisels on the the last train
I smoke last 
Drink my last
Say goodbye again

Saturday, August 2, 2014


Allow me to breathe
Allow thought to express free
Unconstrained by the memory beneath
Hidden from view
Closed behind doors locked tight

Rooms held dark 
Where I am yet to breathe
Allowing visions to swirl
In a myriad of unconstrained emotion
Painting thoughts in faces hidden in the depths

Eyes closed tight 
Shying from a tomorrow yet revealed
Lacking of colour in a sunset unborn
A pause
Revealing a soul tainted in pain
Obscured by black
Allow me to breathe
Without your pain

Friday, July 4, 2014

Covered in skin

In the sun I eat the dirt
Congealing on my hands
From the spit spewed from my mouth
Torn at the edges 
Ragged from the talons that clawed my flesh
Dripping vermillion 
Dripping disease 

This heart cannot kiss a wind
This heart cannot save it's own soul
If left to ruminate on words
Uttered in haste
Spoken in the shadow of a closed hand
Whispered in the retched bile of a sin

I have lost you now
This I know
For I see not a shadow
But a forlorn empty space
Covered in an outline of tomorrow
Covered in your blood
As I cover you in my skin

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Walk with me

Lived in the rain 
Hope scattered in the splash of a puddle
Reflected of the sky
Steady tattoo of sound
Pitter pat
Pitter pat
Heavy are the feet that walk the mud
Heavy is the heart that only sees ground
Afraid to lift their head
Afraid to see what I see
No beauty is seen in the dark
Eyes hide the glint of once that was
Eyes belie the truth of that will be
Pitter pat Pitter pat
In the palm of my hand I hold yours
Intertwined fingers clasp for anything
Allow me to be those eyes that see no more
Allow me to whisper a name in your ears
Unheard of since the rains began
I walk beside so you never walk alone
Pitter pat

Pitter pat

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tomorrow begins lonely

Silver trembles at thought of loneliness

Endured in the light of the new moon

Eyes cast to the heavens from lands away

Viewing the same stars in constellations unknown

And I kiss


Silken touches of skin electric

Tenderness devours eclectic rhythms born of sorrow

Words left unsaid feed the baying hounds

Confuse the jester now as a card is played

And I kiss


Layered in cashmere you hide to obscure

Kaleidoscopic distortions live the truth

Eyes give away reality to that left unsaid

Shrouded in protection giving way to seduction

And I kiss


In the realm of another place I see your reflection

As a single hand touches as words whisper unspoken

Reveal trust in the guise of forever

Reveal yesterdays torment as another scar of protection

And I kiss


Sail me through the wake in seas of a calm storm

Intolerable as the future guides nothingness 

Weening from the teet of a new day

Hidden in the illusion of self doubt

And I kiss


Dodging raindrops as they fall gold from the stars

Skin coloured alabaster glistening in the sun

I call nothing and whisper your name

A gypsy’s smile cast in a spell of love

And I kiss


In the last kiss goodbye

I linger a moment more

Holding your breath

Listening to the evermore

And I kiss

© 2014 Adrian AIDZ Giannini

Friday, May 2, 2014


Rust descends on us now
As flickering candlelight shows our many facets

Much maligned I rest on blended knee
Raising my head as it is guided by your hands

Eyes meet eyes exposing tortured souls
Each knowing the others past before word are spoken

The last of the moons crescent glimmers silver
Darkness exposing the fragility of our humanity 

The uneven rhythm of lapping waves match our heartbeat
Calming the demons that live beneath this, our skin

Each soul has met before on the fields of sunset
Painted hues of vermillion coating the sky as it once coated our hands

Yesterday ends as tomorrow begins
Both knowing that this dance lives in eternity

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


In the shadow of an angels wisp
I walk alone
My company a heart of gold
Scarred from a journey of years
Skin littered with the remnants of life
Burdens of others carried in a pocket jingling of loose change
Each mask worn protects from prying eyes
The fragile inner worn weak and easy to break
Let no other soul in lest the fragility be born
Look to the stars in hope and restitution 
Silence greets me now words unspoken drift on the currents
Reflection on the sands brings an end to a new day
Voices heard scatter as clearing the mind
Allow me to return to the place of mirrors
I see you and you see me
I see myself again

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Crying yourself to sleep as a forgotten yesterday closes in
Acid dipped and toxic chrome glistens in blood 
Discarded you leave a light on to save from stepping on glass
Syringes littler another day scratching your name on the wall
Somewhere a scream is carved in a distant memory
I cannot remember when I heard your name whispered in my ear

Hush my sweet 
Buried in your skin is a key to this belonging

Chance be taken as I drift into severed dreams
Gritty is the kiss on lipstick lips painted scarlet like words scrawled on the mirror
"Death becomes hypnotic resolutions"
Mocking the shadows as they close into my being

Listen to the voices in my hand

Travel the carousel in its never ending journey passing angels on my side
To change a fragment in time when the hands have passed
Eloquent words fall on ears with no sound 

Begin again

Pure emotion overtakes the maligned thoughts crawling the ceiling
Fractures envelope every corner 
Every sentence uttered begins again 
Every syllable hides the true thought as you begin to grow again

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Twisted in the shards that lie dying on the canvas
Fragments of hope sung on beats of a butterflies wing
Can you see me now as I kiss the refracted light
Lullabies burn devouring colours from the sunset

Dislocated by the congealed blood under these fingernails
Dissipating memories recoil as today forms the photographs of a mind
From here we can see the shadow of the gods as they rest now
Building from the beginnings as life turns it back on what has begun

Reality bleeds into the river as one to have never seen love
Tasting virtues belonging to another time I do the best i can
Footsteps leave a trace in rays of sunlight burnt into this skin
Blowing the dust from the ground as I sit and I wait

© 2014 Adrian AIDZ Giannini

Friday, March 28, 2014


colours blend turning to black as the sunsets on another day

lived again on the edge of a rusty blade balanced on the tip of another soul

how would you know what it means to feel as my bleeding fingertips stain the sun


reflected in the convex mirrors distorting the shades of yesterday

hints of redemption savour the Harlequins trust blown as kiss in the ether

standing on time borrowed from the Gypsy as she casts another spell into the wind


awakening huddled tightly into your soul as it calms me from the shadows

I capture your breathe in mine and gather thoughts and dreams as the waves break

saving the wreckage outcast as a comfort scattered amongst a crackled sky


redemption scribbled quickly on the back of a postcard yet to be sent

seven skins devoured temper the soul as we dream of a clear blue sky

inject adrenaline appeasing the heart as my head bows and cries as I inject again



Sunday, March 16, 2014


As endless tears flow

Staining a page inscribed with ink

A future yet written on parchment

A poets heart bleeds in black


Palms held empty by the loss

Vision that that once saw so clearly

Words and letters dance alone

Appearing in time as line in this poem


Loneliness grieves as words lament

Loneliness a lost soul marked on skin

Loneliness traced in fragments of air

Loneliness is wishing you where here


 © 2014 Adrian AIDZ Giannini


Friday, March 14, 2014

angels name

the muse returns and leaves me to die alone

I cracked my head 

So I had better lie down

Thoughts abound

I had better try suicide

I drink the blade

Taste the blood on my tongue

Feel the blade dig deep 

Touch the vein 

Blackness escapes

Inject the next psychotic 

Into my neck

Id rather the blade to taste

Trip this and trip that

Some mutha fukkas gunna find me

Blue and cold to the touch

My soul a fading

Black days from this mind frame

I cannot see beyond

Shadows come to great me

My mumma is beyond the light

Who knew this could be may fate

I live to the Gypsy dancing my grave

Not that Ill know

Ill be cold and buried in times forgotten few

Too many sitting at the church

Wishing me goodbye

False people living a lie

Misery lives sunder this skin

Living in my veins

Acids curse

But one knows my name

Inked with tears on his cheek

A scar on his heart

One but knows 

The angels name



© 2014 Adrian AIDZ Giannini


Thursday, March 13, 2014

face down

the muse returns with vengeance in her thoughts

Screaming from my lungs in the colours of sunsets past

Seething as my blood boils cold at the touch of you

Seven times Ive forgiven the innocent

Seven times Ive cried in colours of the Laurette 

A black veil hides your ideals and your life

Unseeing eyes appear hollow as the words you use to hold me

In the palm one hand I hold forever 

In the other I hold your salvation

Clenched now forever tight trickling blood slowly towards the dirt

Leaving me scared and unable to forgive

Open a torn heart exposed to the sun burnt from your love

Ravens devour hate perched on a slender arm of doubt

Whispering in my ear your name scratched in their crackled caw


This love tastes of excess

This life stinks of extreme



© 2014 Adrian AIDZ Giannini



Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I breathe time

the leaves curl from winters breath

steam lifts from my tongue as a dragon spits flame

wafting its life in a spiritual prism

colours break forming oblique rifts in time


touch me soft as a fingers trace skin leaving red welts

teeth scar searing flesh imbibed by laughters reason

listening to the inner ramblings gather 

seek the back of my hand for warmth and comfort


solitude dripped black and worn as a crest

placating remembrance and wishes of gold and silver

yet I dream of eleven sins in times of loss as I waiver

still wearing this skin marked in ink I smell frangipani on the air


want from this is nearly a life of nothing

from the tip of a finger I taste blood mixed with cocaine

bland is the mix of yesterday and tomorrow

still wearing this same skin marked in time I smell sorrow

© 2014 Adrian AIDZ Giannini


Monday, March 10, 2014

As an angel she lays

My heart fails as the muse kisses a tear

She looked peaceful lying there

The sun caressing every strand of her jet black hair

Tinted in hues of blue by the sun

So peaceful she lay


A single butterfly approached 

Dancing on the hint of a breeze

Stopping to rest on a bare shoulder

Barely casting a shadow


The blades of grass also danced in harmony with the breeze

Unknowing to the sonata of life that spun around

Yet she lay

So peaceful


I speak to her in whispers between the words

As if she could hear every one buried in roses

Lain on silken pillows of doubt

I let her know it will be alright


Let the sun sleep and the dark bring the night

Blue replaced by the gossamer tapestry of angels

In my hand I hold her everything

In my hand I hold a kiss


And in peace I close my eyes

And in whispers I breathe

And in life I know death

So peaceful she lay

In peace she lay

© 2014 Adrian AIDZ Giannini


Monday, March 3, 2014

I whisper goodnight

The muse she returns to hold my heart


Coloured paper scattered on the table

From a tall glass drinking petals 

My eye catches a glint in the corner of the room

Another scent drifts in on the moonbeam

Curtains flap haphazardly in the breeze

Allow the souls in to keep warm

Rooms fill of memories as echoes are etched into the walls

Maybe its the same old things I place in time

A thousand dreams caress the young at heart

And a tear brings me to cry a black heart

I can smell the fires that burnt a thousand years ago

I can see the flowers that you held in your hands

As we wept and said goodbye

Allow the shadows to close in now

I whisper goodnight

© 2014 Adrian AIDZ Giannini


Friday, February 14, 2014


Your name written in blood

Left to mark these walls

A memory not forgotten

Left black and blue


Those that walk by

Hang their heads in shame

At the thought

Silent misgivings


Shadows pass the time

In a simple phrase

In a simple word

When all the rain is gone


Grey skies wash the streets

Paved in sorrow

Allow the truths to reveal

Silver tipped screams




© 2014 Adrian AIDZ Giannini

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Black Voodoo

She came down from the mountains

all dreamy and high

Silver gossamer threaded through her wings

a still beating heart breathed a sign

Nobody saw what lived beneath her skin

wound up like a loaded gun

Just below and beneath her eyes

Lived the ravens breath


Black Voodoo 

I cut with broken glass

Black Voodoo

This womans got your name

Black Voodoo

Let me feel your taste

Black Voodoo


Its not your loving that she craves

the darkness that lives in her veins

Injected and sliced from the rusty blade

a love spell made from the youth of the insane

She returns from death a whisper glows

Lets taste the blood as it drips from the proclamation

Words not set in stone carved from flesh

Flesh be mine and scared in forever


Black Voodoo 

I cut with broken glass

Black Voodoo

This womans got your name

Black Voodoo

Let me feel your taste

Black Voodoo


© 2013 Adrian AIDZ Giannini




Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Years Day


Mothers won't see their boys any more more

Women won't see there husbands walk through that door 

Children won't have there daddy's for Christmas day

No more celebrations for the living on New Year's Day 


Standing on the wharf watch the clouds wash in

Scanning the horizon looking for smoke stacks 

Knowing there none to come

I'll be watching n waiting knowing I'll be alone

Watching for my dad knowing he'll be home on New Year's Day



Cry cry crying in the rain

Cry cry crying on New Year's Day 


Mommy came down and wrapped her arms around so tight

We both sat quietly watching as rain hid the tears 

Both of us knowing yesterday came to soon

We weren't the only ones as others waited for their man

In the rain


 © 2013 Adrian AIDZ Giannini (lyrics)


© 2013 Tin Pan Alley (music)

Sunday, January 5, 2014


I sit alone and my muse is not

Red glows the end of my cigarette
In the dark I sit again
Focusing on the nothing before me
I flick unseen ash nonchalantly

Thoughts mix with acid and spin 
Scratch at my forehead with thumb
I reach with my other hand
A half drunk mug of none

Lights dance in the distant haze
Marking time so slowly with me
Focus slightly smeared as I view
Tears smudge the rising sun

Another day I live to see
Another day I live to die
As blood of my blood stays on skin
Rust coats my wrists, begin

© 2013 Adrian AIDZ Giannini