Friday, January 25, 2013

Set your heart free

The muse and I share the rainbow

In the rain 

I drink in

In the rain 


As your mascara runs

Beating rhythms to your chest

Your tongue tastes the sweat 

Drunk from another


In the rain 

I drink in

In the rain 


Tip the whiskey demons down your throat

Obscure the yesterday as it drips from the venom

All the while selling souls

To those who will listen


In the rain 

I drink in

In the rain


Join the dance of denial

As we tango into a new oblivion

Home alone again with another regret

Red is the drawn glow of a final cigarette


In the rain 

I drink in

In the rain


We were beautiful once without the scars

Hiding once that was a raindrop

Sliced in crystal lined air 

Drunk on the Gypsy’s wing


In the rain 

I drink in

In the rain 


This love thats drawn in chalk upon the floor

Smudges as yesterdays paradise breathes

Tattoo’d upon a silver’d chest

The words I love you


In the rain 

I drink in

In the rain


As the truth will set your heart free

Saturday, January 19, 2013

In tRanQuil

Blindly I seethe as the muse drinks skin

In tranquil there is no escape

Just the steady breeze of rejection

Listen to the sounds non existent 

Just the shadows chasing cracks in time

In the final sigh all will be heard

Tearing time as soul escapes skin

Look into eyes carrying futures page in a book

Past melds into obliterated semblance 




Words cannot write themselves 

Spread as letters invisibly bleed

Then they appear as if from nowhere

Is there truth in what they say


Can you live for me


I bleed

Bleed a dark sin

Refrain from plunging rusty blades into wrists already bled dry


Memories not exchanged for breathe


This time is over now

This fear is expelled now 

Exchanged for another skin


In a blink

It will happen again








In tranquil there is no escape

Just the steady breeze of rejection

Friday, January 18, 2013

Just another day

As another summer is upon us Australia burns in the heat and the muses watches on with a tear in her eye

Breathing in the orange air

Flames they lick on the horizon

Charing blackened landscapes

Scared in ashes of serenity 

Dreams and memories are gone


A country healed in the sun

Primed to burn again

Send your son Icarus

And from ashes Phoenix will rise

Let me burn as skin boils 

And remember 


Just another day

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

kiss death

i await the muse the breath

Allow the anger to seethe


under bleached skin


raking scars of light

congealing acid 

as it flows free




upon the carcass 


by the sun


My eyes

liquid pools of ink


under a harlequin moon




draws of air

Warm to inhale


on exhale


Feted tongue 

feeds beyond


contours of flesh


in silhouettes of shadows

left as marks 

upon stone


Scared for time

sequences of blurring




in time



Allow sound

to escape the burning


listen if you can



Hear death

as is beats in two


hear me

As I



Saturday, January 5, 2013

Butterflies Breath

The muse holds a shimmer

Every street light showers an addiction in neon

If this hope for you was to come back, is gone

Dressed in skin I couldn't weave enough to loose

Chipped in black, torn nails hang from my fingers

Eyes glazed in shadows live through the dawn


Tears, scream in the breeze as tomorrow falls 

Crazed, crackled Jade as your eyes say sorrow is mine

Plead in fuken forgiveness as a shallow lament is yours

SImple as it may be, I can forgive a denial of blood

Sleep in an alcoholic haze as summers drift on by


I cannot choose fear

Live in the sun

Walk away from others as they hold out a hand

Pick the scabs until they bleed

Stain my skin in hues of blood

Forget the path you walk

One you can remove

WIth a nod

And a choice

A better life lays 

Captured in a dragons breath

And folded paper

While I live and die

Tipped by a rusty blade

Sliced in a vein

Silhouetted in oblique

Against the obscure

As a twist in ten saves me

But not the sun


A dream will carry a silence born

Several steps upon a crooked pavement echo arrival

Waft a feather of forgiveness upon a blessed soul

Count the shadow of lies in scars upon my flesh

Look upon the scars as I follow you


Im having trouble as I try to sleep

I open heavy eyes to a day just before

Left alone again in a crocked spine adjusting to delirium

Silence beckons peace unlike before I dream of death

In silence I kiss the butterflies breath

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

As I hide

As I sit with the muse in silence

Why would I cry

When my head hangs low in the clouds

My heart feels heavy in your silence

To many times a fear has fallen away


The sky seems less blue 

Looking for a time more like before

Empty hands hold a memory

Less in the love that remains


Old is born from a heartbeat

Strung on a single chord

Coloured on the inside like a weary soul

I think I might just hide