Saturday, June 25, 2011

I will lay down

I smoke vaseline
As I dream
Ruby’d sunsets
Seen the best of me

As I find myself alone
A penny in my pocket
I don't need to be forgiven
For the time

Can you show me heaven
From inside my eyes
Don't tell me its not true
Spinning backwards unwind

If our child
Cannot believe
Tell me in who the fuck can
Should I then lay down and die

Say another goodbye
Lipstick stain on a paper napkin
Remnants of another romance
Will I sleep

Inhale the stale fragrance
Contemplate another
Will I ever say goodbye
I will lay down

Dancing naked
Make it all disappear
Is it far away from here

It left us....

I hold another sunset
For you I would hold a heart
Rain will create the darkest days
Tears will make them disappear
Loneliness will avoid that song
Love will play along

Caress the moonbeams
As they dance in your eyes
Interlocked fingers reach for the stars
Healing all of the remembered scars
I try my hardest not to cry
I know the world will sing along

I remember
I know you do too
When the sweet smells of summer
And the blue windows cast reflections
Left us helpless
To the one we loved

Breathe into me

Transcending rainbows scatter across the seven skies
Neon glow filters screaming orgasms littering the effervescence
Hard pressed to scourge the pretender, flaming verse amid treacle’d fingertips
Breathe this life into me

Quizzical logic turns another remembrance scarlet
Staring into the looking glass yet to vision up or down
Whirlpools of candescent kaleidoscope figments litter my iris
Damm the unpleasantries as fuck escapes my lips
Breathe your life into me

Seasons die
As does my mind
Pumped full of atrocities
As the oppressors
Spin writhing on the floor
Bring on the Babylon
Linked in the brotherhood
Of corruption
In a faded soul
Slaves of the free
Breathe this life into me

Laughing rivers of black burn so bright in the neon
Hidden from the path of those that never see
Drinking turpentine lusting after the faded kiss
In the palm of a hand is held all of teh world
Breathe your life into me

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I carry you with me always

I see you as a picture
On a black and white photograph
Hung heavy in teardrops
Stained on the moon
From my lips
To your ears
From my life
But what I have
In my hands
Will last forever
As my heart beat fails
It is tattered
And torn
But it is all
That remains
Of your distant memory
I look
One more time
Softly falling
From between my fingers
Like you were on that day
When we kissed
In each others eyes
In each others arms
Till it touches
Where soon I will be
With you
Once more
The one I have loved

Play with me

Baked in the blackest of yesterdays
Castrated by the whim of my own thoughts
Visions swirl reluctantly impassioned with the shit that happens
I could have killed myself if I had a gun
Devils tears stain the carpet where I lay in self forgiveness
The cigarette burns to the filter as my fingers blister
There is no more pain as my mouth is dry

See her
See her?
The ones with the green eyes

I want to forget
Not forgive
I can only if I die

As I open my eyes
I can see no one crying

Sympathy is never-ending if given by the dozen
Condescending mantras trail to the far off corners of my mind
Common man bends on knee and prays for forgiveness of my soul
Im hitting the wall as my bloodied knuckles feel no pain
Begging for you to quit as impassioned pleas fall on deaf ears
I cut the vein that carried this inequity in my life as it falls barren on the ground
Id rather be a severed sin as live yesterdays delusions on the mantle of my life

Look at yourself
The colour of your lies
Are a sin

Live to forgive
Never forget
We all die
A little piece of sadness
Delivered me to madness
To hold in hand
What I can burn today
Play with me


Play with me

Saturday, June 18, 2011

never an end

With the weight of the a thousand raindrops
As I feel each within my head
Fucking with me as I try
To resurrect this piece of shit life
Before I blow myself away
To the oblivious fantasies that hide in the bottle
But wake
Never to be renewed
This water does not cleanse
My mind
Cannot fathom
What has become of you and the fucken misgivings you have devoured like candy
Who must I pray to?
Do you listen to my prayer?
Burnt upon my skin
Branded as a slave
Sold to the highest bidder to be gloriously fucked up the arse again
Take another acid trip
What you gunna put aside
Delving into the cursed and playing with the children that bite
Take another lover as the last has broken again
Why does this rain not clean
Shifting with the blood of the unclean
Making sense of nothing as beguiled as I am I cut another vein
Living inside of my shadow I hear them and you and they taste the weight of my burden
I turn and piss into the wind again


Sullen light
Through the canopy
Of tears
My hands
On your chest
Feeling for life
Reaching for
That never existed
Soulless in giving
Regaled in taking
In secrets
Cast aside
Sorrowed dreams
That want to love
Left behind
My hands
In your chest
A broken

Sunday, June 12, 2011

for You my Darling


All for the love of you

this will be the death of us

shackles of time hold

come with me now

do you see the vines

lemon drips sweet perfume

lie on the staid

Heckles devour the jester on the stage of thought
Pleasure with me whilst breathing with borrowed manners
Palms held entrusting with well meaning sweat
Parched lips allow dry tongue to swiftly cleanse
Eyelids close as eyes eagerly consume the view


Saturday, June 11, 2011

As we fight

Words sharpened on a devils tongue
Sapphire pleasantries cease to exist
Calming discrepancies blend into shape
Swallows fly the silver skies no more
Pluck the yellow storm from these eyes
As regret takes its place upon this heart

Glorified in silken robes caressing the shadows
A smile takes its new life in the horridness of time
Eyes tell a thousand stories of a daggers reside
Sounds herald the enslaved’s revolt against
Participate in the disregard for the turning of a back
This last kiss will be a kiss of death for the ignorant

Friday, June 10, 2011

Black Widow

Sail me to the other side of forgiveness
Tricks of the mind are surely hell blessed
In the sacraments of freedoms blood as it drips slowly
Colouring scarlet enhancing the succulent fullness of breast
As my tongue devours the warmth as it trickles, slowly
Lingering petulantly upon your erect nipple

Elongated fingers of mischief tear red welts in the flesh
Searching for the warmth of the forgiven sin in daydream fantasy
Conjured by the rapscallion ways of a devils breathe drawn by the lips
Seeking a pearl treasured by all, hushed, by subtle stokes in moaning pleasures
Raised and met with measured abandon for it pleases the receiver
Tasting the wantonness of subdued arising as I walk the streets that know my name

Entwined with all humanities forgiveness as I dance with this devil
Meeting thrust with thrust as pleasure is derided by a fools misgivings
Voices in tongues exchange sacred vows promised by a liars lips
Engorged in virile copulate soon to spread the seed as climax is breeched
Clasped in a final death as the dance is complete in this undying love
Wake me before I weep lest she devour the dead in her sleep

I shed a single tear

With all the pain I watched you live with
I look at the sky and cry
If I could have given you better days
You know I would have
I cannot hold you forever
Like I promised
In those younger days
When forever seemed so far away
Another time in a far away land
So I sit in those trying times
And cry
But these tears do not ease our pain
Or erase what has been
Or what will come
Feeling so helpless
So helpless
Feeling less than I could have been
I should have been there for you
For us
But my life's journey lead me elsewhere
As did yours
My cheeks remain dry
These tears flow constantly
But I cannot cry forever
I can cry for days
Crying a million lifetimes
I should have been there
Look to the sky
Stars shed them for me
I walk away again
Dragging my boots upon the ground
Taking with me all the sorrow
Turn before I cry again

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Last wish

Let me dream a little, while I rest my weary heart
In your lap, while I look at the stars as they wink at me
Safe in the comfort that tomorrow will dawn a brand new day
You stroke my hair and I feel the diamonds cascade from the riverside

When I close my eyes Im reassured which way to go in these better times
Soft and sweet on the breeze the sounds of my memories release to mingle with the stars
I follow the southern winds to the places I believe will realign my years
Hand in hand and step in step to get where my heart rose all those years ago

Following somebody else brought me to these secret fields
Grasses yellowed swaying softly on the hushed words of a lovers sigh
A place of serenity as I long to be with you
I plead, let me live my last dream as I tighten my grip on your hand for the ever

Friday, June 3, 2011

Got sumthin to say? ...

Fuken word scorn
Sits atip of my tongue
Spit venom and flame
Aimed at the fuks
That live and breathe
Scornful hate
And vilify
The resolute
Living and breathing
Least they be different than we

Sad fukers sitting
Atop the barbed wire
Looking down
From the hate
Play with the monkey
Fool fukers
Shock n resonate
Shake the very foundations
Which I play on

Least I tear you a new one
From the litigating hate
Emanating n gestating
Forlornly fuking Christ
Bent over the pulpit
Chastised in misbelief
Don't turn the fuk away
Face it
Lest I hold your hair in my fist
And make you

All I ask

Stripped back from the excess’s of disillusion
I break another heart on my road to perdition
Humbled by the ghosts of life as they whisper to me

Sweet innocence you left and deserted this life
Empty in my search for the better man in me
A promise broken till the very end

Rebuild dissolved trust in the clouds of being
A sense of purpose left the artist creating the canvas
As the ravens circle sure in the eyes they will be soon devouring

Bad witches feel the rise in the selfish dawn
Colours of gold and sinew splashed upon the world
Until then my friend can we still hold hands

Distances keep us apart from the clasp of our love
Millions have watched and witnessed but can we breathe as one again
I will sing you my lullaby of sorrow and tainted blood that has flowed

Separate the changes that have left this taste bitter
Lifted on the wing it will raise me to the beyond
Suffer in silence until the reunified begin as one

Never forget the life is truly one until the flame is lit once more
Restless in forgiveness takes the pain as my health wastes away
Resting now upon the fallen child as I suffer in this pain alone

In doubt and circumstance we will live again
Afflicted in the humility we are all born with
I bow my head for the last time and live for the chance to forgive

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Reflecting in your hands

carry but a single heartbeat
in my hand
meant for you
to last a lifetime
of loves
look into your eye
see if your dreaming
or just sleeping
a reflection looks back
a long since played tune
a sad song hums
as we remember
and we do remember
and reflect
on better days
on summer days
and cold winter days
bask in the sun
hold each other for warmth
smiles and kisses
under the southern moon
life's and loves
passings and goings
drifting in the soft
resting in your arms
and its all here
held in a single heartbeat
in your hand